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On January 1, a rare car crash occurred on Bourke St, Melbourne. The chaos at the scene and the many wounded have become the eternal pain in the hearts of Melbourne residents.

A mentally deranged lunatic drove a car in the urban area and crashed into pedestrians, killing five innocent lives.

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👆 Scene of the wounded

After the incident, people spontaneously offered flowers to the dead on Bourke St in the past two days:

A sunny and joyous city, instantly cast a shadow, the whole city mourns. From early morning, to dusk, to nightfall, people came to express their sorrow in an endless stream, flowers, layer after layer, and Melbourne people spontaneously turned street corners into a sea of ​​flowers, expressing their feelings for the 1.20 incident The grief of the unfortunate person.

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However, there are a group of people who arrived from various places as soon as the incident happened. Because of their existence, many people were saved from misfortune. However, so far, few people have paid attention to them: the medical workers in Melbourne!

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After the tragedy, how quickly did Melbourne doctors react?

When the tragedy happened, Dr. George Braitberg, director of the emergency department of the Royal Melbourne Hospital, took a shift as usual and was driving home to enjoy the weekend. At this moment, the phone rang, and the news from there was like a dose of adrenaline. George immediately turned around and ran back to the hospital.


👆George Director

Also heard the newsThose doctors who were on rotation.They did not receive the call, but after seeing the news, they rushed back to the hospital as soon as possible, I hope to help the injured. The doctors who were supposed to get off work had long forgotten about the weekend and stayed at their posts, waiting to receive the wounded.


👆Ambulance receives the wounded

After George returned to the hospital, he immediately organized the doctor to prepare for rescue work and took out all the emergency beds. All 8 emergency debridement rooms were opened, and an emergency operating room was additionally prepared.

After the Bourke St tragedy, a total of 11 seriously injured people were rushed to the Royal Melbourne Hospital. All the doctors on duty and on shift went all out.

Eventually it happened that there were more doctors than patients,Director George could only start asking some doctors to go home and rest quickly, but none of the doctors left. They all stayed outside the emergency room, always ready to provide any help.

Director George said in an interview later:

"Watching it with trained eyes, although it was really busy and looked chaotic, it was absolutely beautifully performed. It was almost like an orchestra,"

From a professional point of view, in such a busy and chaotic situation at the time, all the medical staff performed almost perfect and cooperated in tacit understanding, just like an orchestra playing.

The doctor treats the same, the spirit of saving the dead

The culprit of this accident was also sent to this hospital for treatment after being injured by the police. George knew that this man was supposed to die, but with the professional qualities of a doctor to rescue the wounded, he asked all the medical staff:

He expects his staff to give any accused killer the same level of care as a victim

He asked the medical staff to provide the killer with the same medical services as the victim


👆The killer receives treatment and the police are watching around

In the eyes of doctors, the only way to save the dead is to heal the wounded, and all the wounded should receive the same treatment.

After the Bourke St tragedy, while the society regretted the deceased, it should also show respect to these medical workers who rescued the wounded day and night. It was their silent dedication that made the tragedy not last.

News compiled from "The Age"


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