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The summer is prosperous, and it has always been a lively feeling. Even the flowers in the garden are extremely colorful, vying to show their beautiful faces. Enjoying the flowers in Melbourne is more heart-to-hearted than elsewhere, and the clusters of splendor flowing around make people can't help but feel happy.

The editor sorted out these shrines for flower viewing, or romantic niche, or magnificent, there is always one that is your love!

Blue Lotus Water Gardens

Lotus Pond

Flowering period: December to April

Summer is a good time to appreciate lotus, and there is always'Carved railings and jade, reflecting the sun'The dream, let the editor see it in Melbourne!

This lotus garden very close to the urban area is a private garden, covering an area of ​​several hundred hectares. The garden is divided into different areas by red wooden bridges, planks and pavilions. In it,It's a bit of the beauty of the Summer Palace.

640-267 640-268

There are thousands of lotus plants in the garden. According to the owner, there are probablyHundreds of varieties, There are even rare bowl lotus, ancient Japanese lotus and the black prince Charles Winch.


The breeze is rippling, strolling among the lotus flowers, where Xingzhi rises, you can also pick lotus plants and dig fresh lotus seeds to eat while walking. The refreshing fragrance will instantly help the summer heat.


Address: 2628, Warburton, Highway, Yarra Junction, VIC 3797
Phone: 03 5967 2061


Admission: $ 16


Alowyn Gardens

Summer back garden

Flowering period: December to April

640-271 640-272

Compared with the classical Chinese style of the Lotus Garden, this is indeed a 17th-century European garden, centered on the sunken garden and classical fountain. It is divided into six different activity areas, and the six activity areas are connected in circles, and they are unique. style!

640-273 640-274

This garden is most famous in springWisteria TunnelAlthough it does not seem to be a flash in the pan, it only has a four-week flowering period, which is gorgeous and fleeting. The other place isRose path, Thousands of roses are blooming in competition, and the blossoming flowers are so delicate and tender that people can look at them intently. Now is a good time

640-275 640-276

There are many perennial flowers in the garden, such as violets, snow in June, poppies that fascinate the imagination, and acacia with beautiful meanings. You will be in the world of flowers and be dizzying!

In autumn, the pumpkins, apples and pomegranates here will also bear fruit. The yellow and golden slices are really gratifying!

Address: 105 Latrobe Parade, Dromana VIC 3936
Time: 10 am-5pm daily

Admission: $ 10


Lavandula Swisse Italian Farm

Lavender Flowering Period: December to February

640-277 640-278

Lavandula Lavender Farm grows fine varieties of lavender and grape vines to produce essential oils. In the 19s, an Italian-speaking Swiss gold prospector came to Daylesford and built these stone farm buildings.

640-279 640-280

Located in the mountains, farmland and woods, next to a gurgling stream, the lavender flowerbeds are neatly distributed, complementing various herbs, houses and vegetable gardens. The Lavandula store is located next to the barn and displays a full range of homemade lavender products. The editor’s favorite is their lavender coffee. The coffee beans are rich in flavor and slightly sour. At this time, the aroma of lavender is more likely to be evaporated. If you drink it in one sip, your lips and teeth will leave a fragrance.

640-281 640-282
Address: 350 Hepburn-Newstead Rd, Shepherds Flat VIC 3461

Victoria State Rose Garden

🌹rose flower🌹

Flowering period: October to April


The Victorian Rose Garden is located to the southwest of Melbourne, only 33 kilometers from the Melbourne city center, and it only takes 35 minutes to drive on the highway. Adjacent to the werribee manor and zoo, you might as well go there after seeing the roses.

640-284 640-285

The entire rose garden is arranged and combined in the shape of flowers, with pavilions, fountains and other landscapes interspersed between the five petals, one step at a time, and the flowers bloom prosperously. There are many varieties of roses in the garden, and the colors are gorgeous. They are planted in various corners, clusters of flowers, or climbing frames by vines. From time to time, butterflies and birds flutter in mid-air.

640-286 640-287

There are many small Victorian pavilions in the garden for rest, and you can just take a picture and take a picture. But do remember to wear sunscreen and wear a sun hat. After the last time I ran, it was obviously dark.

Address: K Rd, Melbourne VIC 3030 Tickets: Free

Maranoa Garden

Rare vegetation

Flowering period: all year round


(Golden Roseapple)



This garden has a long history, dating back to 1901, and was initiated by a naturalist from New Zealand, John Watson.

He bought 3.5 acres of wasteland back then, and after years of reclamation efforts, he finally built this mysterious paradise.


(Rough Gardenia)


(Utambula, also known as Qikonghua, is a flower recorded in Buddhist scriptures that only blooms when the Buddha or the king of runners is born)

The garden is full of various rare Australian vegetation, even the name cannot be called.

The strange flowers and plants are wonderful, and being in it is like a mysterious world written by Rowling. Every look is a surprise.

Now there areSeven regionsThe different landscapes and plant species are displayed separately, which is unique in Australian gardens. If any, tropical rain forests, dry areas, cottage gardens, indigenous plant landscapes, temperate woodlands, dry hard-leaf forest areas and small botanical gardens.

Address: Yarrbat Ave, Balwyn
Time: 7:30 am ~ 4:00 pm on weekdays

Closed 10 am ~ 5:00 pm


Canterbury Garden

Picnic place

Flowering period: all year

640-293 640-294

Located at 190 Canterbury Road. Built in the 1900s era. The name of the garden comes from the name of the governor at the time.

This garden is famous in the local area for its beautiful trees and grass. It is a popular garden for local residents to hold weddings. Beautiful colorful flowers bloom throughout the year, and you can enjoy various flowers of different colors in the garden at any time.

640-295 640-296
Perhaps because of its location in the outskirts, this garden is more primitive and natural, and it is prosperous in clusters. Even some rare wild flowers and plants are hidden by the endless flower clusters.

All that is left is the pity and respect for nature.

Address: 190B Canterbury Road Canterbury 3126 Tel: 9278 4595


Williamstown Botanic Gardens

Flowering period of the Seaview Botanical Garden: all year round

640-297 640-298

In the Williamstown Botanic Garden, visitors can not only see gorgeous flowers, but also a beautiful sea view.

The botanical garden for more than 150 years has therefore become an ideal place for many locals in Mo Village to take picnics and recreation in their leisure time during weekends and summer vacations.

Address: Corner of Osborne and Giffard Streets, Williamstown, Hobsons Bay, Victoria 3016, Australia

电话 : 9932 1000

Taking advantage of the sun on the weekend, take advantage of the small rucksack and enjoy the flowers!


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