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2017 Happy New Year!Happy New Year!

By the way.. Every year after I came to Australia...

Waiting for the New Year’s Eve fireworks has become an annual ceremony. Whether it is on the spot, in a nearby high-rise building, or watching a live broadcast in front of a friend’s TV at my home, the editor always feels that we should not miss the New Year’s Eve fireworks.

Melbourne New Year Fireworks

Before 9 o'clock in the evening, the City was already full of people!


The whole street of Swanston St is almost impossible to move! Federation Square is already crowded!

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Some came with good girlfriends, some dragged the family with their mouths, and some came alone. In short, all the ones who can come are here!


At the junction of Elizabeth st and Flinders st, a big sign read "FIREWORKS", giving directions to those who were squeezed. . .

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Around 9 o'clock, the Early Fairwork on the scene began!


People suddenly flew up. . .


The sky of Melbourne is colorfully rendered by fireworks!


As time gets closer and closer to zero, more and more people gather in City!

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The bridge is full of people! Everyone is waiting for the arrival of the New Year's fireworks! !

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at last,

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Melbourne has officially entered 2017!

Fireworks in full bloom! There was a carnival at the scene! !

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When the fireworks explode in the silent night sky, the blooming beauty seems to be within reach!

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The sky above Flinders Railway Station is brilliant!

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There are countless fireworks blooming in the sky, and one after another fireworks are competing for beauty!

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The psychedelic lights and beautiful fireworks make this night a little more intoxicated!

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The dazzling fireworks bloomed over the city, which was inexplicably moved.

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Sydney New Year's Eve fireworks

This year's Sydney New Year's Eve fireworks & light show is even more beautiful!

12000 typesDifferent shapes!

25000Cylindrical flower bomb!

100000 typesDifferent firework effects!

Early yesterday morning, the surrounding area of ​​Sydney Harbour was alreadyperish! trap! Up!

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A group of people even slept directly on the ground last night!


The opera house was already crowded in the morning!

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This spectacularCrushed Boxing Day!

The fireworks at nine o'clock already shocked many people!

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Below are wonderful photos of the Sydney Fireworks & Light Show this year

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Finally, I will end with a beautiful picture~~~ Too beautiful! !

The editor also hopes to wish everyone a happy new year again!


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