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Probably because the weather is too hot, the animals are looking for a cool place to escape the heat. For example, a small garden with a large bunch of flowers looks like a good choice, right? thenA chubby koala decided to "invade illegally"a bit.


Unfortunately, this fat koala baby must beI overestimated my figure,As soon as I put my head under the garden fence, my headStuck hard...Can't get in or out...


At this awkward moment of dilemma, the owner found this "uninvited guest" and expressed deep sympathy and tried to help it climb out of the fence. But how can ordinary people have special rescue gloves (thick anti-bacterial and protective gloves), the owner has toTry to wrap its head with a towel and push it out,As a result, the opponent stubbornly resisted... the mission failed.


Seeing how uncomfortable the fat koala was, the owner had to turn to the Animal Protection Association (RSPCA), hoping that they could send a team of professionals to solve the koala problem to rescue the little fat boy.

However, the other party replied, OK, we will dispatch immediately! On our way to youfirstGive it some water,Don't heat it to death in such a hot day. Besides, it's easy to get dehydrated after tossing it so hard. You should give emergency help first, we will be there in a while!


Replenishment...how to replenish it? ? The owner was also witty, found a small container and splashed water on its face to help him hydrate.

This little fat man is very sensitive to water. As soon as water gets on his face, he keeps using his hands, hey, it’s wrong, rubbing his face with his paws, which also stimulated his determination to go out even more.While wiping his face, he struggled harder to get himself out.Finally, with its unremitting efforts, it succeeded in saving itself before the rescuers arrived!


When the fat koala got out of danger, it gave up on "invading" this family, but it didn't plan to give up its big plan to enjoy the shade! It chose to go to the neighbor’s house next door and climbed toThe neighbor fell asleep on a lush tree... fell asleep... fell asleep...He is so strong inside! Do you run away without panicking? ? ?

News compiled from "Daily Mail"


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