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According to the Daily Mail report, Fiona Campbell, a New Zealand woman, price one of her yachts at one Australian dollar at the auction. Don’t you think this is a ragged thing that needs to be sold.It is a luxury yacht worth $800,000!


As soon as this news came out, everyone couldn't believe it. There was such a good thing. Auction fans all over the world were moved by the wind, for fear that they would not be able to pick up this omission!

Now, please come and experience the luxury of this yacht in all directions!

The name of this yacht is "Ruah", look at this white and new hull, luxurious appearance! It is a big thing with a history of more than 70 years, but it was designed and built for the Australian Navy in 1944...640-171It has a total length of more than 20 meters, has 6 cabins, 14 beds, and has a very spacious private space. You can give a home a sea party at will. It is a luxury experience version.640-172

Whatever sits on the deck, blowing the sea breeze, sunbathing, driving to the open sea to play sea fishing, swimming, and staying away from the troubles of the world are all appropriate.


The cabin is luxurious and warm as home, as long as you want it, there are all here! Not only are there gas stoves for cooking, but there are also bars where you can have a drink and a drink~


In the evening, you can take a hot bath comfortably, lie on the bed, feel the fluctuation of the waves, and fall asleep listening to the sound of the sea, which is not just beautiful.


Gardner 6LX, 175HP main engine and all updated electrical system, can provide unparalleled stability and comfort.


You may be very curious about such a luxurious yacht! Why was it sold at a price of one Australian dollar? This is unscientific...

This has to start from the experience of her owner Fiona Campbell. Of course, she is not a female classmate without a story. She is an art planner, dealing with various treasures of great artistic value, photography, sculpture, Jewelry is precious to her!

Because of her artistic achievements, she also won the New Zealand Medal of Merit in 2011! With such great work results, it is naturally not bad for all kinds of money. Whenever I have time, I will take vacations all over the world.


Once, when she went to Kapiti Coast for vacation, she also met a group of local tyrants, met various buyers, and specialized in searching for different luxury yachts.


They took Fiona Campbell aboard their yacht and played with tricks every day, chasing the waves with the sea breeze, and getting in close contact with marine animals, which gave her the idea of ​​buying a yacht.


Later they introduced all kinds of large and small yachts to Fiona Campbell.However, she saw the "Ruah" yacht, which is very artistic and historical.It is said that it was a cruise ship specially designed for the Australian Navy. It took XNUMX years to slowly transform into a private yacht, and it gave her a knowing blow!

Because her husband loves sailing all year round, and she is also a complete travel and sailing enthusiast!She wondered if she was not short of money anyway, she could buy this yacht, As a gift to her husband in 2012,

Just spend a lot of money to buy the husband and smile!


Ah, what a "dominant president", so they became a couple at sea and lived a happy life...


They set sail and wandered in the Tasman Sea, seeing the most magnificent seascape in the world!


They nest in the small kitchen in the yacht, enjoying the hot seafood BBQ in the sea breeze.


They live on a yacht, as if there are only two of them in the world, with only the occasional school of fish and seabirds.

But the good times didn't last long. In addition to the happy voyage, there were countless quarrels in life. After three years of cleaning the land, in 2015, Fiona Campbell actually divorced her husband! Now, this poor shipThe "Ruah" yacht has become a love legacy from a testimony of love, Parked alone in a bay in Wellington...


And what a decisive and headstrong woman Fiona Campbell is! She decided not to indulge in the grief of divorce, but to look forward quickly to a new life, cut off all the past with her ex-husband!


"I have to get rid of this yacht anyway, and have a new start in 2017"

So this luxury yacht carrying countless memories has become a hot potato! It's better to start over instead of getting hurt! So she decided to auction the yacht on the Trade Me auction site.

The starting price is only $1

"Such a luxurious yacht, still so well maintained, can definitely open a high price!"

Her friends were stunned! What kind of routine is this? Everyone can't wait to shake the water in her head vigorously, wanting to ask what she is doing! Such a low starting price is simply incredible, and my friends are all in a hurry!


And Fiona Campbell said without careThe price is one Australian dollar because she doesn’t care about the price, She hopes to say goodbye to the past...

She is really a wayward and unrestrained woman, but when it comes to the new owner of this yacht, she still shows a gentle and yearning look.

"I hope this yacht can provide new magic for a happy family"


Fiona Campbell hopes that the new owner of this yacht can protect it and get happiness from the voyage, and can take it to sail again instead of letting it lie quietly in a boring bay."I hope the yacht and the owner can be happy!"

Although Fiona Campbell hoped so, but it also caused a lot of trouble! Of course, the news of this auction shocked countless people, and even many Australian big brothers are gearing up to acquire this luxury yacht. Until now, they have already acquired it.More than 10 clicks and various quotations! Many people still can't believe this is true, after all, this is a pie in the sky!

(Q: Does it really start at one yuan? Will it really sell?

A: It's all true! In 2017 I want to look forward! )

Some people even wonder if this yacht is in arrears, and there are debt disputes at the same time as the transfer. After all, no one has ever seen such a "tough" selling yacht!


(Q: There is no intention of disrespect, but can you tell me if this ship has debt problems, including terminal fees, thank you!

A: No! No debt problems! )


Then a group of Australian buddies began to feel more active, After all, buying a luxury yacht worth 80 dollars as a gift, and auctioning the yacht for one yuan, it’s almost as good as writing on the faceFemale local tyrant!

At first glance, the female local tyrants are here, and so are all heroesStrange tricks, Have started their routines, uh... What if there is a chance?

Some sincerely proposedHave dinner togetherThe request, I want to cover it first!


(Q: If you want to have dinner with me, call me!

A: Thank you...)


Someone even proposed directly!

If you want to use the "curve to save the country" method, you can directly include the yacht and the hostess in your bag. It is really wonderful to think about it!

(Q: Compared to buying this yacht, are you willing to accept my marriage proposal?

A: Rejected:))

Of course, there are still people who eat peanuts with a very normal style!

Some are busy sending blessings...

yacht! Good luck to you!

Some began to reminisce about their lives...

Great! My first boat was bought from my neighbor when I was in high school. She accompanied me for 6 years~

Some even broke their hearts for her yacht...

Hey, what a pity you
Without hiring anyone to wash and repackage, the teak wood decoration will make your yacht look more advanced and get a better offer. Good luck and hope the money will help start your new life!


But, guess what Fiona Campbell is doing, haha, this wayward and dashing woman will definitely surprise you. Yes, like her, the strange woman who sells yachts sells yachts. Of course, she does what she says. alreadyCompletely move on!

She has "set sail" again, She bought art worth $1.8m, actively established a real art road charity trust, and carried out different road shows throughout New Zealand to share these art treasures with various schools and communities!

The failure of marriage, the entanglement of money,It might be just a little episode in her life...

News compiled from "Daily Mail"


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