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Everyone knows that there are many small islands in Australia. If you have anything to do, you can set up a small island auction.Starting at $1....

Today I’m talking about a small island called Maatsuyker in Tasmania.

This small island has a total area of ​​less than 12 acres and is located about XNUMX kilometers south of the west coast. The location is a bit remote...


Although the location is remote and sparsely populated, the scenery is beautiful!


And a piece of news recently released in Australia has made this small island even more attractive...

This small island is beginning to recruit people!

They recruit two island owners every six months!

Screen Shot at 2017 01-24-10.22.46

This is a job posting issued by the Tasmanian Parks and Wildlife Conservation Organization.


There are no restrictions on recruitment requirements,

I just hope someone can help take care of the animals, plants and buildings,

By the way, observe the weather for the Meteorological Bureau,

The rest of the time is free, whatever you want~

There are 4 periods to apply,Each period is half a year~ the quota is 8 in total!


but! !! !!

As everyone knows, Tasmania’s signal has not been very good.

On this islandNo internet! No TV!

In other words, you have to say goodbye to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter...


Although there is no internet or TV on the island,

But hereFood and housingAh!

Food is delivered to you every three months,

Also provide a setA big four-bedroom house with a vegetable plot outside, I usually grow some fresh vegetables and fruits by myself

The air is fresh and not noisy, facing the sea and the spring flowers are blooming, so you can live a small day very comfortable~


The leisure life is also very rich.

There is no annoying haze, every morning when you open your eyes, you will see the blue sea and blue sky.


You can watch the sunrise when you are in a good mood.


Nothing to drink,


After breakfast, go on a trekking adventure together.


In the afternoon, you can go fishing with the boat and catch a crab.


Taste the seafood you harvested after you come back.

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Watching the sunset in the evening, ready to welcome the end of the day.

There are also cute little blue penguins and fur seals here,

Do you still spend money to see penguins in the aquarium? That's right at the door!

640-628 640-629

This day is perfect~

It feels very suitable for writers, painters, and concentrating on creation at home~

You can become the owner of Peach Blossom Spring without martial arts!

How about this kind of work that is almost isolated from the world and completely close to nature, do you want to try?

Oh, yes, I almost forgot to say one thing...

Didn’t you say that you recruit 2 island owners every six months?

Please note that a very important requirement written in black and white is

Only move situation! companion!(It is better to have a stable relationship, after all, you have to spend half a year on a deserted island...)

It's really a crit for singles... Singles can't even find a job....T_T

Interested couples can click the link below to view the application form. The deadline is at 1 pm on January 30:



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