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According to "Daily Mail", a well-known Australian sunscreen brandGot a big deal,It is suspected that its product ingredients have caused many children and parentsWorsen sunburn, Make one's bodyThe pain is unbearable!


The article stated that AustraliaWell-known brand Peppa Pig children sunscreenResulting in one from Queensland3 months oldBabywhole bodySevere burns with sunscreen rash!

The poor little baby is alreadyStayed in the hospital for 3 days and 2 nights…A 3-year-old child suffered severe burns after applying sunscreen

Story fromThis MondayAt the beginning, a mother who lives in Hatton Vale, QueenslandRant on facebookCancer CouncilshowCream BrandCaused my baby to become like this on the picture.showStay outside,It's not serious without being exposed to direct sunlightshowhurt.She urged everyone to stop buying this product.
"This is my three-month-old son. He did not stay in the sun. It was a simple outdoor activity, so I used a defenseshowFrost just in case. We have been in the hospital for 3 days and 2 nights, trying to treat this because your 50+Peppa pig preventionshowHorror caused by frostshowhurt.Don't buy this antishowFrost.

More pictures are in the comments.

Note: This is notshowHurt, this is the antishowThe reaction of the lotion, can you stop commenting on why I’m not responsible...please, if I can, I would rather let the baby not rub it in the sunshow.

Please explain why your products cause such consequences? ! "

After the news, in AustraliaAroused great attention from netizens!

So far, this tweet by Ms. Jessie has beenReposted more than 84000 times,Roger thatMore than 1000 likes and nearly 4 comments...

Many people commented that they have also experienced or heardSomeone around me also has similar symptoms!


Life photo of the baby before injury Source: Jessie Swan Facebook


Source News.com.au after baby is injured

A baby who was healthy and lively,If it is really guardedshowFrost damageLike this, this sceneHow can we not let those who see it hurt? !


And this one developed by the Cancer Council brand

Children's SPF50+, Well-known child protectionshowFrost

It was once commented by the Australian media asCivil defenseshowBrand!

In AustraliaMajor supermarkets, pharmacies,Tourist attractions can be bought.


The brand spokesperson also said that all its products, including this child protectionshowFrost,Are designed for sensitive skinof.

However, as soon as the news came out of AustraliaMany parents come outshowI also encountered a similar situation...

Netizen: God! I hate this antishowFrost. I used this spray for my daughter before going to the beach, and she wasshowIt hurts super super super super badly, like she has never used defenseshowsame. I will never buy this again.640-125Netizen: This antishowCream is the worst I have ever used! My 4-and-a-half-year-old daughter and I got caught every time after using itshowI was so badly injured that I plan to throw it in the trash and never buy it again. …640-126

Netizen: My family and I used Aldi’s defense during the Christmas holidaysshowSpray, then my husband and I are seriousshowhurt. Maybe the Australian standard needs to re-test all the protections on the marketshowProduct.


Netizen: Please mothers, please consider organic/natural sunscreen products for your young children (also for yourself). All defenseshowCream will add unnecessary chemical ingredients: (

Australian media successively reported that many children were victimized

Coincidentally! Families and children who encounter this situationMore than this one broke out.

Start earlierAustralian media reported successively

PreventshowChild burns caused by frost:

1:4pm on January 8th:

"Video: Scary and popular sunscreen for childrenCause a severe allergic reaction

1:5am on January 8th:

"A baby was hospitalized in Queensland. The suspected cause wasshowFrost's reaction


January 1th at 5:12pm:

"There is no recall plan for the brands involved.showAfter frost caused a baby to be hospitalized


Last night, in the video released by Channel 9

A father from QueenslandAlso means to children

Due to child protectionshowCream sunburn is severe,Very distressed!

In the lens, the youngest child in the family suffered the most burns.The scars under the eyes and on the bridge of the nose are obvious...


And this father also showed everyone that the family3 kids rubbingshowAfter going out, All have varying degreesshowhurt…ThisShouldn't have happenedof.

640-133 640-134

AndThis fatherI also showed myself in front of the cameraRed on the chest and backScars.


He says,"It's so uncomfortable, so painful!Totally unimaginableHow can a child stand it!"


Video display,Used by this familyIs on facebookBefore this motherThe same protection from PoshowFrost…


"Such products should be taken off the shelf!I don’t know what other families think,We lived in hell these three days. "

Said the father. at the same time,ABC NewsAlso reported that another mother named Susan Haile-Cherry postedYounger son's face burnsphoto.

Image source: ABC News

This poor child was also born not long ago.

The picture on the left is the reaction of just putting on this sunscreen.2 days laterThe face of the little boy is like the picture on the right...


Sarah said,She used this for her eldest daughterPreventshowIt has been frost for several years without any problems.So I didn't hesitate to give it to the younger son.

But she said that there may be problems in this batch that caused this phenomenon.

Adults are also recruited when children are victimized!

Presumably, theseChildren's injuriesThe situation isVery scaryNow ...

ButThis phenomenon is moreAdults tooBe confirmed...

Image source: Daily Mail

This timeshowThe breast burn incident didn't let this one goOnce Miss UniverseKim Cancellier.


already2 children motherShe did not forget to take care of her two daughters when she went out.


When I went out to the beach not long ago,She wiped her daughter offshowRearI also touched myself some.

After all, this well-known defenseshowFrost, clearly state:Efficient protection, used by children of all agesBoth are the most ideal.


however…After just 2 hours, the skin startedUnbearable itching.RednessBulge, The whole body is like beingBurning the same pain!


Four weeks have passedUp, skinNot fully recovered yet!


When she hurried to the hospital for an examination, the doctor told her after the diagnosis"ThisIs antishowFrost causedof,

Especially the reactions on the chest and stomach belong to one andSecond-degree burns..."


The doctor also suspected,"This antishowproductNot only is there no defenseshoweffect,It will aggravate usersshowThe degree of injury! "

After seeing the first mother’s Facebook tweet, she did not hesitate to post her own experience...

The Cancer Counncil brand was forced to respond toPublic opinion intensified.CondemnAfter the sound, preventshowBrandsCancer Council

Had to make a notice,Respond to this matter :

Image source: 9 News

In the press release issued by the Cancer Council,

Cancer Council's response to the main content: We are a non-profit charity, and the company has been committed to the prevention and treatment of cancer (skin cancer). We attach great importance to our products and respond to all customer feedback. We have contacted Jessie (the first mother in the article) and are investigating further. This product has been on the shelves for decades and has sold more than 25 bottles, during which time complaints were rarely received. The complaint is not the product itself but the problem of the spray pump.

The special cases of drug allergy in these complaints may be allergies to individual ingredients in sunscreen milk. This is an individual phenomenon that varies from person to person. Therefore, we recommend to do a local test before applying a large amount.

Our products are produced in strict accordance with TGA standards, and are designed for all sensitive skins, and have passed RIPT allergy testing. If you have sensitive skin, it is best to do some more professional tests.

So, according to the brand’s interpretation, this may beIndividual reactions of a few sensitive people?

The brand does not recognizeThis is a problem with the product itself.

On this position, some onlookers agreed with Jessie’s mother’s facebook po post: Netizens: Cancer Council may attribute the problem to your child’s allergy to a certain product ingredient. I always give my daughter this antishowBreast, and there is no problem. Netizens responded:

If there is only one special case that can be understood, but how to explain that there are so many examples, something obvious must be wrong here.

Finally, reporters from station 9Appeal to the Australian public

In useshowMake it for your child before frostingLocal skin test, There is no allergic reaction before continuing to use.

At present, there is no final explanation or decision on this matter. We look forward to further news.

For friends living in Australia, there are not many days in a year without sunshineshowof. If the popular big brandshowIf something goes wrong, this is "bad news" for residents in several major cities in Australia where the weather is nearly 40 degrees! How should I spend this summer...
I would like to remind everyone, please be careful when going out in summershowproduct. Try to use natural and organic models, or change to wear protectiveshowClothes...

News compiled from "Daily mail"


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