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1. "Soft" fish

English name: Arrow Squid

Chinese name: squid/big fresh squid


Features: fresh and tender taste and low price. Generally processed squid products, such as squid rolls, squid tubes, squid flowers, etc., all come from this kind of squid!

Note: Squid has a pair of small wings on the tail.

English name: Calamari

Chinese name: Squid (alias: Huazhi)


Features: high-end squid, fresh and tender; this is the squid eaten raw in Japanese sushi restaurants!

Note: Calamari and Squid look similar, but have a pair of long wings.

English name: Cuttlefish

Chinese name: Cuttlefish


Features: The size of a palm, there are a lot of black ink in the body; the pasta with cuttlefish sauce comes from it!

English name: Loligo Squid/Bay Squid

Chinese name: Little Squid


Features: Premium squid, the size of a thumb; because it is small and tender, it is rare!

English name: Octopus

Chinese name: 八爪鱼


Features: There are eight claws!

2. Common file series of "hard" fish

English name: Australian Salmon

Chinese name: Australian salmon


Features: Although it is also called salmon, it is far behind Tasmanian salmon; it is cheap and the meat is rough!

English name: Black Fish/Ludrick

Chinese name: black fish


Features: Rock fishing friends know that this is a kind of herbivorous fish, which can be caught with water plants; although this kind of fish is cheap, it has a good taste and is a good choice at a good price!

English name: Blue Mackerel

Chinese name: 蓝马交


Features: The smallest and cheapest bonito, with harder meat; it is the favorite of Koreans!

English name: Bony Bream

Chinese name:相鱼


Features: The meat is fresh and tender, but there are too many small thorns that make people headache!

English name: Catfish

Chinese name: 猫鱼/鲶鱼


Feature: The spines of this fish are very poisonous. If the hands are stabbed, the spines will be swollen hugely. Therefore, the spines are usually cut off when selling; if you see a catfish with spines, be careful!

English name: Carp

Chinese name: carp


English name: cobbler

Chinese name: soft cat fish


English name: Hair Tail/Ribbon Fish

Chinese name: 带鱼


Characteristics: In Australia, a good hairtail species is called Hair Tail, which is usually single-tailed; relatively poor hairtail is called Ribbon Fish, which has a double tail and a split tail. Hair Tail is suitable for steaming, because the meat is too tender and not suitable for braising; if braised, the texture is not as good as frozen octopus, which is wasteful.

English name: Mullet

Chinese name: 乌头


Features: If it is not pure sea mullet, it will have a fishy smell; it is recommended to have strong flavors such as braised!

English name: Ocean Jacket/Leather Jacket

Chinese name: 皮皮鱼


Feature: When selling without taking the lead, the skin is easy to peel off!

English name: Red Fish

Chinese name: red fish


Features: Big red fish is more expensive and belongs to mid-range fish; small red fish fillet makes more fillets, suitable for Chinese soup!

English name: Sweeps

Chinese name: Black Pomfret


Feature: Cheap black pomfret can generally be caught on the beach!

English name: Yellow Tail

Chinese name: 黄尾鱼


Features: Low price and high performance-price ratio; braised or deep-fried are delicious!

3. "Hardware" fish mid-range series

English name: Barramundi

Chinese name: Blind Cao


Features: There are generally two kinds of fresh and swimming, steamed, braised in brown sauce, and grilled fish in the cottage. It is one of the favorite varieties of Chinese!

English name: Black Flat Head

Chinese name: Black Bull Loach


English name: Black Trevally

Chinese name: 泥蒙


Feature: The high-quality ingredients for hot pot are the favorite of Cantonese!

English name: Blue Salmon

Chinese name: 蓝马友鱼


Features: It is one of the best ingredients for smoked fish and one of cold plate dishes!

English name: Dart Fish

Chinese name: White Pomfret


Features: Good material for smoked fish!

English name: Gar Fish

Chinese name: 尖嘴针鱼


Features: silver, slender, pointed mouth; breaded and fried very fragrant!

English name: Grey Morwong

Chinese name: 白三刀


Features: It belongs to the sea bream, the color is gray; although it looks the same as the red three knife, but the price is very different!

English name: Javalin/Grunter Bream

Chinese name: 银鲡鱼


Features: silver, large scales, hard flesh.

English name: Jew Fish

Chinese name: Australian yellow croaker


Features: Silver, harder meat!

English name: Ocean Perch

Chinese name: sea bass/deep sea bass


Features: Bright red color, this fish fillet is very delicious after breading and frying!

English name: Pilchard

Chinese name: Shading


Features: A good material for fishing, it is also a good material for eating; usually it is also fried, but I heard that some foreigners like to eat it raw!

English name: Red Mullet

Chinese name: 红三叔


Features: red, two beards are very cute!

English name: Silver Biddies

Chinese name: 小鲫鱼


Features: The bigger the fish, the more expensive it is, and it can be as long as a whole hand; frying and soup (milk white fish soup) are both good choices!

English name: Silver Bream/Yellow Fin Bream/Sea Bream

Chinese name: 白鲡鱼


Features: It belongs to the species of sea bream, the tail fin is yellow; it is delicious either braised or steamed, and is the favorite of Asians!

English name: Snapper

Chinese name: Red 鲡鱼


Features: Snapper species, red and bright; it is a favorite species for foreigners!

English name: Tailor

Chinese name: 太乐


Features: Braised in soy sauce is delicious and one of the favorite fishes in Vietnam!

English name: Tarwhine


Characteristics: Similar to the carp, small in size and small in head.

English name: Trevally

Chinese name: 池鱼


Features: This kind of fish is divided into good varieties and bad varieties. The good varieties have a yellow line on the side. When they are fresh, the meat is first-rate and can be eaten raw. The taste is similar to King Fish!

English name: White bait

Chinese name: 小银鱼


Features: small fish, crispy after fried!

4 High-end series of "hard" fish

English name: Blue Cod

Chinese name: blue spots


Feature: Medium-to-high-end fish favorited by Chinese.

English name: Diamond Fish

Chinese name: Diamond Fish


Features: a kind of pomfret, it can't grow too big, the biggest is the size of the hand!

English name: Pig Fish

Chinese name: 猪鱼


English name: Red Morwong

Chinese name: Red Three Knife


English name: Red Scorpion

Chinese name: Red Stone Spot


Feature: The spines of this fish are highly poisonous!

English name: Spotted Cod

Chinese name: Sesame spot


English name: Tilefish

Chinese name: Dockfish


Features: Scarce and expensive.

4. Crab series

English name: Belmain Bug


Features: The meat is biased towards crayfish, and the price is high. It is a favorite of foreigners!

English name: Blue Swimmer Crab

Chinese name: 花蟹


Features: The crab with a semicircle on the left butt is female, and the crab with a sharp horn on the right is male!

English name: Coral Crab

Chinese name: coral crab


Features: It is similar in shape to the flower crab, and has bright color; it is a rare species, but not a premium product!

English name: King Crab

Chinese name: Emperor Crab


Features: Emperor crabs are huge in size and have thick shells, so few people can cook them at home. Generally, they can only be tasted in restaurants; by hearing the name, the king crabs are "the emperor of crabs"!

English name: Lobster

Chinese name: lobster


Features: There are 3 types of lobsters, the lobster from NSW is green, the lobster powder from Western Australia and the lobster from Tasmania is red. The latter is the authentic "red dragon"!

English name: Mud Crab

Chinese name: 泥蟹


Features: Usually divided into 3 producing areas, NSW, Queensland and Darwin; there are more crabs from Darwin in winter!

English name: Spanner Crab

Chinese name: 贵妃蟹


Features: This crab looks slightly different from the male and female. It depends on the butt. The sharp-cornered one is male, and the round one is female; it is a seasonal species and lives in the deep sea. It is much cheaper than mud crabs. Not bad!

English name: Spider Crab

Chinese name: spider crab


Features: It looks like a spider, it is a rare species; its appearance is not good, the meat quality is average, not very popular!

5. Shell series

English name: Black Cockles

Chinese name: Black Hairy Clam


Features: Shanghainese's favorite, you can eat it with hot water!

English name: Black Mussels

Chinese name: 黑淡菜


Features: Produced in New Zealand, the frozen Green Mussel is green; the live one is black!

English name: Cockles

Chinese name: white clam


Features: delicious!

English name: Pipi

Chinese name: water clam


Features: living on the beach, need to be artificially cultivated for 2 days after spitting the sand to eat; it is a common seafood in Cantonese cuisine!

English name: Sea Urchins

Chinese name: 海胆


Features: Sea urchins are contained in the thorny shell, and the taste is extremely delicious when they are taken out; they are the finest ingredients in Japanese restaurants!

English name: Whelks

Chinese name: Screw



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