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Many children are very afraid to go to the hospital because it is a place that makes them feel depressed and disturbed.

The cold and bleak walls and ceilings and the unique pungent smell of the hospital made the children very resistant.


However, a children's hospital in Australia has recently become popular. Their unprecedented design has turned the hospital into a warm children's paradise!

Since then, people all over the world are envious of deathChildren living in Australia!

This Cabrini Hospital in Malvern, Melbourne, has collaborated with well-known Australian design studios Eness and DesignInc to create a fun interactive wall that can be activated by sports.

This wall has an exclusive name—LUMES

Video: Melbourne Dream Children's Hospital



It is said that this is a piece of wood that can emit light,

A combination of semi-transparent wooden structure installations and lighting systems are installed.

The hospital hopes that through this design, children can change their stereotypes about the hospital.


In this dreamy fairy tale world, the sick baby will be in a happy and optimistic state.


The interaction between materials spans the world of art and technology, just like walking through the past.


There are 15 different themes on the interactive wall. Children can touch the images on the wall to turn the patterns on the wall into interesting animations with your "touch"!


They can change as you run, giving you a kind of immersive feeling.


There are also all kinds of cute animals, these cute patterns will grow up as you move.


Dynamic raindrops fall on your head, ripe apples fall from the tree...

0-30 0-31

All dreamy color patterns are displayed on LUMES.


Don't talk about children, even the editor's innocence broke out. . .

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Parents should not worry about children being infected by touching the walls because the surface of LUMES is made of plexiglass, which is very easy and convenient to clean.


Let's take a look at the other facilities of this hospital, it's like an amusement park!


With the colorful colors, there is no hint of the coldness of the hospital. . .

640-784 640-785

As an adult, after reading it, I feel that I want to get sick instantly!

In fact, almost all children's hospitals in Australia have this kind of playground style!

The following editor will show you how much effort the Australian Children's Hospital has done to please bear children!

Royal Children's Hospital Melbourne

The Royal Children's Hospital in Melbourne, Australia's number one, looks like this!


It's like this inside!

640-787 640-788 640-789

Amazingly, there is also an aquarium in the hospital! The children yelled excitedly every time they saw it, so the pain of the injection was forgotten. . .


Hey. . . You are a hospital, are you not a zoo? ! !

640-791 640-792

These fish are personally cared for and fed daily by the staff of Melbourne Aquarium.


In addition to the aquarium, the hospital also opened a small open-air zoo on the first floor waiting outside, with 5 cute meerkats inside!


These meerkats are carefully taken care of by the staff of Melbourne Zoo.


In order to make the sick children happy, the Royal Children's Hospital of Melbourne racked their brains to expand their skills. . .

Children can choose a doctor or nurse with the theme of Captain America!


Santa Claus is here to give gifts at Christmas!


Take a turn in the corridor, and accidentally encounter Transformers, standing in front of you by surprise. . .


And Batman also came. . .


The children living in the ward, as soon as they look up, they will find Spider-Man is looking at you on the window!

640-800 640-801

In fact, they are just hospital staff, cleaning the glass. . .


The most adorable is that there is also a free teddy bear clinic in the hospital!

After the children are treated, they can take their teddy bear to the doctor:)


One parent said that her baby happily took her bear cubs to get an injection every time.

Lady Cilento Children's Hospital
640-805 640-806 640-807
Sydney Children's Hospital

A yard like Andersen's fairy tale. . .


Various animated characters come to visit children!


On Halloween, I also brought the dogs. . .

Perth Children's Hospital

A playground with a space painting style!

640-812 640-813 640-814
The Children's Hospital at Westmead

Toy Story comes to accompany the child who has just finished the operation.


Christmas gifts are accepted:)

Adelaide Children's Hospital Women's & Children's Hospital Foundation

CT scanner at Adelaide Women and Children's Hospital.

Monash Children's Hospital

Many children's hospitals in Australia regularly invite local zoo staff to bring small animals to accompany the children. After all, small animals can heal and comfort their young hearts.


Next is a variety of movie animation themes!

640-820 640-821 640-822 640-823
Treating children in such a loving way is what Australia can do! Those who are not sick want to visit!

The editor is actually a baby, I really want to live in for a few days...


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