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In the hot summer, the temperature is soaring, which is especially suitable for staying at home in a daze, watching dramas, and then having some snacks to tease our stomachs. It is a very happy thing to think about it!

Today, the editor continues to recommend to everyone8 delicious Australian snacks,Guaranteed to make you want to stop!

247 Yogurt Sandwich Beans


This yogurt-filled chocolate bean has many different flavors. It is one of the best chocolate beans I have ever tasted. It is very cost-effective and only costs about 3 dollars per bag. The outside is covered with smooth white chocolate, which has the sweet and sour taste of yogurt. If you bite it down, the inside is a soft candy with Q bombs! One by one, can't stop at all!

Grain Waves Low Fat Cereal Flakes

Have you ever heard that potato chips can keep you in shape when you eat it? This is a low-fat cereal chip! It doesn't taste as crispy and thin as potato chips, but has a texture, and it is just right!

mini TimTam

I personally feel that the Mini version of Tim Tam is much better than the regular version! A piece of chocolate wafer the size of a 50cents coin, with distinct layers, the outside is rich and fragrant chocolate, and the inside is layered with different tastes, blooming on the tip of your tongue~

Fruit for Life Coconut Chips


No one can refuse coconuts, and no one can refuse summer! Not to mention the pure natural roasted coconut flakes, once the package is opened, it is full of coconut grove flavor. Grabbing a handful and stuffing it into his mouth, the teeth touched the coconut meat, and the people from the shore grabbed the summer, and the entire pores were instantly relaxed.

Tom Clark's Butter Toffee Popcorn


Finally you can eat sweet popcorn 🍿️, let my dragon heart rejoice!Select every grain of high-quality corn 🌽, wrap it in mouth-watering butter when he is just mature, and after high-temperature cooking and frying, a golden popcorn comes into being!Every bite is sweet to the bone, and never salty popcorn in the cinema again!

Little Yellow Man Cookies


Friendly reminder, there are two types of biscuits for the little yellow man, one is cookie, the other is banana sandwich biscuits, sure!Ten million!If you want to buy the first one, it is delicious!The latter, I really can’t describe~

Nutella Chocolate Finger Cookies


The most popular chocolate sauce and biscuit sticks, tastes full of love, and happiness makes your toothache~

Jack Links Beef Jerky


With the original flavor, there are a total of eight flavors, such as teriyaki, sweet and spicy, and abnormal spicy. The meat is delicate and not firewood, making it the best companion for home travel.

In the new year, let us turn on the hidden eating skills and eat together!



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