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It's the season to catch seafood again! However, please be cautious when you catch seafood, because someone will check you out!

According to the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, a man was caught in a Western Australian fishing ground with a large number of illegally caught abalone in his car, which was 17 times the legal catch.

After counting, heCaught a full 255 abalones! ! !

The law enforcement agency was about to detain the car, and the man faced nearlyA fine of 40 Australian dollars and 4 years in prison!


Let's first take a look at how many abalones this man caught.


The abalone unloaded from his car was spread all over the ground,That's 255!

And these 255 are all famous Roe's abalones in Australia!

The Australian Fisheries Department will catch him immediately! 45 abalones caught by this 255-year-old manIt is illegal fishing!


(Roe's Abalone)

Except for the caught abaloneAll confiscated by the Australian Fisheries DepartmentIn addition, the man used to hide and carry the abaloneThe jeep was also confiscated!

At the same time, the man may also face up to40 million Australian dollarsFines andFour years in prison!


If you lose the abalone, you lose the car. If you lose the car, you may have to pay a fine and go to jail! Is it worth taking such a big risk in order to fish for abalone?

Coincidentally,There was another illegal fishing of abalone a few weeks ago.The fine was close to 100 million Australian dollarsCase!


It was a pair of men who were caught that time. They were from Busselton and Dunsborough, Western Australia.

They used small boats to catch abalone in Margaret River.405 abalones!

Then they were arrested...

becauseEach person can only catch up to 10 abalones per day!

In the end, the two people neededPay close to 100 million Australian dollars in finesAnd may face4 years in prison!

Abalone fishing boatonlyAlso was temporarily detained!


(The boat used to catch abaloneonly


(Another boat used to catch abaloneonly

In addition to abalone, lobster can not be caught!

According to reports a few days ago, 7 fishing boats were investigated for illegal fishing of lobsters!

same,Each person faces up to a fine of 40 Australian dollars and four years in prison!


Australian Fisheries Minister Joe Francis warned everyone:

Fishing for lobsters that do not belong to you is a kind of stealing, and illegal fishing is a low-end behavior. It is a thief, this kind of behavior is "not Australian". Fishery supervisors will enforce the law day and night to combat such crimes!

Why control abalone fishing?

If abalone is overfished, it will seriously damage the local abalone ecology. Due to the rise of recreational fishing, the fishery department has imposed strict controls on the fishing of abalone-it is only open for five days throughout the summer, and only one hour a day can fish for shellfish and sea urchins.

Todd A'Vard, the head of the fishery department, said that if the catcher is not controlled, the fishery will not reach such a catch. If someone is found to use a car to transport abalone on a large scale, the car will be immediately confiscated!

If you want to legally catch all kinds of Australian seafood,

You must have a "fishing permit"

The price of this fishing licence isAUD 3 for 10 days.AUD 28 for 20 days.AUD 35 per year.AUD 95 for three years


This fish certificate can be purchased online, which is cheaper. The purchase URL is as follows:


At the same time, in order to avoid huge fines,

Please read the following carefully!


Each person can only grab 5 at a timeonly.

The number of abalones taken away cannot exceed 10only!


Abalone cannot be caught with sharp objects such as knives, screwdrivers, etc. They must be blunt tools. At the same time, you cannot peel the abalone in the water!


Male lobsters-no fishing under 11 cm!
Female lobsters – no fish smaller than 10.5 cm!

Do not fish soft-shell lobsters!

Pregnant or spawning female lobsters must not be caught!

No more than 4only!


There is no size limit for capture,

But no more than 10 liters!

(If the shelling cannot exceed 1 liter)


Up to 50! There is no size limit!


Up to 100only!

No size limit!

Now is a good season to catch seafood. When you go to catch seafood, you must not violate the regulations, otherwise the fine will be very heartache!

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