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Early yesterday morning, the sound of gongs, drums and firecrackers could be heard everywhere in the CBD! I thought I had dreamed of traveling home, but when I ran out on the street, it was a crowd of people!The entire Chinatown was crowded! ! !According to 9news,This year, more than 25 people celebrated the Lunar New Year in Melbourne, which is a real city-wide carnival!


China Town Gong in the second gradeDrums, firecrackers, dragons and lions, crowds of people!


The narrow Chinatown has been crowded!

People who speak various languages ​​gather here, HIGH!

Very professional drumming brother


The foreign beauties in Tang suits walked over holding various plaques and Chinese zodiac signs. I have to say that this sheep is quite cute! But what happened to that bald chicken?

640-835Several colorful lions lined up640-836

The street can no longer stand, many witty people simply ran to the balcony of the tower!


Accompanied by the rumble of drums, as soon as the gorgeous dragon entered the arena, deafening cheers erupted from the crowd!


Everyone squeezed to the side of the dragon, touched the dragon's body and tail, and prayed for good luck this year!


Tourists are happily following the dragon and lion dance team all the way, and many foreigners are constantly taking pictures!


At this time, Chinatown is already crowded, and I feel like I will be squeezed out in minutes!

Russell Street is also closed!

Looking around, everyone is everywhere


There are not only a variety of delicacies to eat, but also many wonderful performances!


Tai Chi performance!


The audience said: Although I can’t understand it, but it feels great 😳


Here are people


There are also people (total crowded!)


Yesterday's crowded and lively


I have to say, professionally celebrate the New Year,You still have to see Chinatown!

Apart from Chinatown, other places have also been contracted for the prosperous Chinese New Year!

At this time, Crown is also a lively scene with lights and colorful lights!

640-851 WechatIMG10 WechatIMG12 WechatIMG11 WechatIMG13

In fact, every Spring Festival, Melbourne is full of lights and festoons, and it is a happy scene of prosperous New Year!


And this year’s Lunar New Year celebration is even moreThe biggest New Year celebration in history!According to 9news,This year, more than 25 people celebrated the Lunar New Year in Melbourne, which is a real city-wide carnival!

Screen Shot at 2017 01-30-10.24.59640-853

Celebrating the Spring Festival has a long history in Melbourne. The celebrations start from New Year’s Eve and last until the Lantern Festival, including dragon and lion dances, food festivals and many other forms.


At this time, we experience more deeply than any other timeMelbourne's strong cultural tolerance

Different cultures, different languages, and different skin colors are all miraculously blending and coexisting in this fertile soil of Melbourne!


Australia hasOver half a millionChinese students, accounting for about all international students23%, Plus Chinese, this number is even bigger!


As a part of living and studying in Melbourne, we are happy to see the closer and closer ties between China and Australia, like an invisible bond that connects our hearts tightly!

The bells of the old year enter the new year, and the firecrackers are increasing every year!

Melbourne's exciting New Year celebrations are still going on, I hope you all have fun and have fun! At the same time, pay attention to safety, welcome the new year peacefully, and have a happy New Year!

I wish you all great luck in the Year of the Rooster!

News compiled from "9 News"


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