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The Border Security of Australia Station 7 often exposes the embarrassment of tourists from various countries entering Australia. In a recent episode, an Australian Asian passenger became the focus!

Today's protagonist is an Australian Asian aunt!


Because she did not truthfully fill in the items brought into China in the declaration form,

During the random inspection by the customs,

Was intercepted,

When customs X-rays their luggage,

Some organic items in the luggage that did not match the declaration form were found.


During the comprehensive inspection of the aunt’s luggage, the customs officer

I noticed the blue bag that was placed in the corner!


Found a shocking scene!


In this blue bag, the customs found the whole bagUS dollars!


This is the situation...


The customs officer was just stunned! Never seen so much money! And still cash!


After being scared, the Australian Customs hurriedly called another group of customs!

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It turns out that the paper quality of these dollars is very bad!


And the pattern on the back is blurry! The customs began to suspect that all these dollars wereCounterfeit bills!


After being appraised by a male customs who has seen the world,


The male customs found out, where are these dollars! ExactlyMingbi!


The male customs said that these "dollars" were used as paper money to burn the dead...


The male customs also expressed understanding to the aunt,


However, the Australian Federal Police was contacted to evaluate the seriousness of the matter!


After some investigations by the Australian Federal Police, the aunt was finally allowed to leave the country with these "dollars"!

Coincidentally, the Detroit Office of the US Customs and Border Protection previously stated thatLaw enforcement officers seized a Vietnamese couple at the Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport, carrying a total of 465 million U.S. dollars and a large number of Vietnamese dong coins into the United States from the airport.

According to reports, the U.S. Customs and Border Protection Bureau announced that Mingbi is a custom in many Asian countries, but it is still illegal to carry Mingbi into the United States. Director Chapelan emphasized,Any attempt to bring any amount of counterfeit banknotes into the United States, whether intentionally or unintentionally, may have a serious impact on passengers.

It is reported that the couple flew into Detroit Airport from South Korea. The customs official stated that the couple attracted the attention of the customs because the two filled in the customs declaration form for entry and filled in different carrying amounts. Therefore, the two were designated to accept luggage inspection. The full U.S. dollar and Vietnamese dong made the customs dumbfounded on the spot.

The report pointed out that customs enforcement officers found 93 bundles of 100 dollars worth of coins and 32 bundles of Vietnamese dong coins in their suitcases.

After the occurrence of a "humiliating incident" overseas, the editor also hopes that all tourists must truthfully declare all their belongings when entering Australia!

Australian border inspectors destroyed nearly XNUMX tons of prohibited items at Sydney Airport alone last year.Including XNUMX tons of meat products, XNUMX tons of seeds, XNUMX tons of seafood, etc., XNUMX crawling or amphibians were confiscated. Some of the seized items were underreported, and some were deliberately concealed. Three people were prosecuted for this. Border inspectors issued XNUMX fines and fines totaling more than A$XNUMX.

Australia’s border inspections are extremely strict, and many food, medicines, animal and plant items are prohibited from entering the country.Such as meat dumplings, egg yolk moon cakes, melon seeds, beef jerky, Chinese patent medicines that tourists often bring.However, it is not difficult to avoid being fined. It is not difficult to understand the Australian border inspection regulations in advance, declare truthfully when entering the country, answer questions from border inspection officers truthfully, and cooperate with inspections to avoid a lot of trouble.

Although it is not recommended to bring food, animals and plants into Australia, if you do need to bring them, the embassy recommends that you declare truthfully when you enter. If you are not sure whether you need to declare, it is better to declare, or you can consult airline flight attendants or on-site immigration officials .


What needs to be reminded is that passengers must not deliberately conceal it by chance. Declaring does not mean that the luggage will be unpacked and inspected, but failure to declare truthfully may result in confiscated items, fines or prosecution.

In addition, self-defense spray devices, nunchakus and other martial arts products are prohibited weapons in Australia and require permission to possess or use them. Otherwise, they will be dealt with illegally and sentenced to prison.

You must also declare when you bring in or out of Australia with a foreign currency of over XNUMX Australian dollars or equivalent value. In January XNUMX, a Chinese citizen brought XNUMX Hong Kong dollars into Australia from Adelaide, South Australia, and was given a warning and fine for failing to declare. When leaving the country, he was detained for review for failing to declare.


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