21 famous beaches such as St Kilda, Elwood, Frankston, etc. were contaminated by manure! Be careful in the near future!

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There was an accident on Melbourne's beaches. According to ABC reports, due to the stormy weather last week, the water washed various fecal excrement into the sea, resulting in serious pollution of 21 famous beaches in Melbourne.


According to the Victorian Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the polluted beaches mainly includeSt Kilda, Elwood, and Frankston. The water quality of these beaches is extremely bad.


Other beaches with lower water quality include: Seaford, Carrum, Aspendale, Mordialloc, Mentone, Beaumaris, Black Rock, Half Moon Bay, Sandringham, Hampton, Brighton, South Melbourne, Port Melbourne, Sandridge, Williamstown, Altona and Werribee.


The Environmental Protection Agency has issued a water quality warning, urging everyone to refrain from swimming at the above low-quality beaches.


The Environmental Protection Agency expert, Dr. Anthony Boxshall, pointed out that the culprit of the seawater pollution was the storm last week. The rain washed various pollutants from the Yarra River into the sea.


"Bird dung, horse dung, cow dung, and human dung. These are the things that washed into the sea from the rainstorm last week." Dr. Boxshall said.


The Environmental Protection Agency also found enterococci in the seawater samples tested. Every 100 ml of sea water contains more than 400 enterococci,This means that the prevalence will be as high as5%-10%!

What is the concept of 5%-10%? Let's put it this way, generally in a dry season, the number of organisms in every 100 milliliters of seawater should be less than 40, and the prevalence rate is less than 1%. Therefore, the seawater with a prevalence of 5%-10% is seriously polluted.


Dr. Boxshall said that if someone ingests the seawater in these places, they may getGastroenteritis and other diseases.


He also said that children and the elderly are the most vulnerable people.

At present, only the water in the Mornington Peninsula and Geelong areas is temporarily safe.

The water quality test also referred to the water quality history report over the past 25 years, the recent bacterial sample survey results and pollution reports.

People are now prohibited from entering the water on beaches with polluted water


So the editor is also here to remind everyone not to go to the beach in the near future. Swimming in such water is simply "shit"!The temperature in Melbourne will pick up this week, and the weather will be mainly sunny. Let's wait until the sea is clean before going to the sea.

News compiled from "ABC"


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