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For elementary school students who are in the growth and development period, it is very important to eat three meals a day nutritiously and healthy, especially in today's increasingly serious problem of childhood obesity.

However, a recent survey conducted by researchers at Mill Park Heights Primary in the suburbs of Melbourne found that some parents apparently failed to prepare lunch for their children.


Researchers randomly checked the lunch boxes of seven elementary school students and found that although there were basically fresh fruits in each lunch box, the lunches prepared by some parents for their children were almost all pre-packaged foods except for fruits.

The one responsible for this investigation isKate DiPrima, spokesperson for the Australian Dietitians Association, She thinks,A healthy diet should include four foods: protein, dairy products, fresh fruits, and "healthy" baked goods. Parents only need to know what kind of lunch should be prepared for their children based on this simple classification.

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In fact, in the face of the increasingly serious problem of childhood obesity, schools have been making their own efforts, such as promoting unpackaged foods and healthier snacks, and banning soft drinks. Deborah Patterson, the principal of Mill Park Heights Elementary School, said that the school has given two small shops owners eviction orders because the food they sell contains too much junk food.

In addition, teachers have also begun to teach students more about healthy eating, and encourage everyone to use bottled water instead of soft drinks and eat less processed and packaged foods.


Sports medicine expert Peter Larkins said that he hopes that all students can learn to read the labels on packaged foods and know how many nutrients their lunch contains.

He says,"I am very happy to see that my child’s elementary school attaches great importance to children’s healthy eating and exercise. The teachers will teach them what to bring for lunch, how much sugar, fat and carbohydrate each food contains, which foods should be eaten less, etc. Wait, they have been learning these things since they were young."


But the teachers said that they can only do this, and the rest depends on the parents.

"Although we have been advocating healthy eating, there are still some children who bring only French fries for lunch, and some do not even bring lunch. At this time, we will provide them with sandwiches and fresh fruits. We will also remind these parents. Pay attention to children’s nutrition, but in many cases we can’t do anything. After all, we don’t have the right to tell parents, “No, you can’t let your children take this for lunch.”


Moreover, some parents still don’t appreciate the teachers’ suggestions and reminders. They said


"Because of lunch, my granddaughter is often slapped by the teacher in front of other classmates, so that the children don’t want to go to school. Burgers are processed foods, and cheeses are processed foods. You can’t eat fruits. Teacher The students’ lunches are checked every day. To be honest, as long as they are not allergic after eating, it’s not the teacher’s business what children eat for lunch, okay?"


"If you want me to say, school and teachers, you should manage your own affairs, teach and educate people well, and let the parents decide what to eat or not to eat for the children!"

However, I think that the school is also out of concern for students. Parents should pay more attention to the issue of children's diet. After all, the healthy growth of children is the most important thing. What do you think?

News compiled from "Herald Sun"


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