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According to witnesses, the CBD was in chaos at noon today. The road was closed around Bourke St. The suspect drove away and rushed into Bourke St.

Then the English media made a brief report, the specific location isBourke St, A serious collision occurred during the police chasing the culprit. The police also confirmed that someone shot, but did not respond to whether someone was shot.


THE AGE report makes it clear that the police did shoot


Australian TV 9 reported that 12 people may be injured


The wounded lay on the ground, waiting for rescue


There were wounded and enthusiastic people lying everywhere


According to many netizens and Australian media, there was a shooting on Bourke Street and the suspect was killed on the spot!

Special police with live ammunition stationed in CBD handles!


Many people were injured! Has been carried into an ambulance for emergency treatment!


The police statement has not given clear information at present


Please do not come to CBD for now

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The police shot the suspect to death

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The responding team arrived on the scene!


The CBD is currently closed in large areas!

Please avoid going to crowded areas!

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News compiled from "TheAge, 9 News"


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