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It's really not easy to want to eat traditional Chinese vegetables in Australia, but there are many unfamiliar fruits and vegetables lying on the shelves...I don't know this one, where does that seem to be seen? How to eat it! Lets come look!


Chinese translation name: Fiji Fruit

+640The solid skin is dark green, and the inside is similar to guava, rich in vitamin C.

The whole fruit is edible, fleshy white, slightly grainy, sweet and juicy, and extremely aromatic.

After the Fiji fruit is mature, the fruit is easy to scratch. Therefore, although the Fiji fruit is delicious, it is not suitable for large-scale export, so it is not widely spread.

Golden Kiwifruit

Chinese translation name: Golden Kiwi

+640The golden kiwi fruit is New Zealand's new national treasure.

Smooth, bronze skin, golden flesh, sweet and juicy. Rich in vitamins and minerals.

It is more fragrant and sweeter than green kiwis.


Chinese translation name: Ximei

+640Prunes are rich in vitamin A and cellulose. They also contain minerals such as iron and potassium, but they do not contain fat and cholesterol.

Crisp and sweet, aromatic and sweet, the taste is smooth, one bite down, the teeth penetrate the purple peel and touch the golden flesh, the amazing taste of Australian prunes is irresistible.

Taste carefully, it is also mixed with pineapple, persimmon, apricot and other fruity aromas. The long aftertaste is sweet and delicious for all ages.


Chinese translation name: tree tomato

+640The fuchsia appearance is very eye-catching and is always sold out in the market.

Because of the toughness of the skin, it is usually cut directly in half, and the flesh is half orange. It is eaten with a small spoon. The taste is very similar to that of ordinary tomatoes, but the taste is a little more sour and sweet, more like passion fruit Up.

It contains a lot of folic acid, which is very suitable for women during pregnancy.

Yellow Apricot

Chinese translation name: 黄杏

+640Australian yellow apricots are characterized by bright color, juicy flesh, sweet flavor, and sweet and sour taste. One bite, sweet and sour juice will flourish.

Apricot fruit is rich in nutrients, contains a variety of organic ingredients, vitamins and inorganic salts necessary for the human body, and is a fruit with high nutritional value.


Chinese translation name: Artichoke

+640Artichoke flower is also called French lily, chrysanthemum thistle, cardoon, lotus lily.

When eating, the taste is between fresh bamboo shoots and mushrooms. It has the effect of quenching thirst and relieving alcohol, rich in nutrition, fitness and beauty, and has a high edible value. It has the reputation of "the king of vegetables".

The tender artichokes can be eaten raw and have a walnut aroma. Of course, they can also be eaten in a stew or fried.


Chinese translation name: Kale

+640Another member of the cabbage family, there are often yellow and purple horticultural ornamental varieties in China.

Kale is rich in vitamins and is a hot diet food, usually used for salads.

However, this kind of vegetable will taste bitter when eaten raw. It is best to blanch the water when making a salad. It is also healthy and delicious to cook seafood.

Spaghetti Squash

Chinese translation name: shark's fin melon

+640The shape of shark fin melon is oblong, resembling winter melon. There are green or golden shells, the shell is hard, and the skin is smooth and beautiful. Known as "plant jellyfish", "natural fan", and also known as "vegetarian shark fin".

Shark's fin melon is not a real shark fin, because its flesh is thin and thin. The flesh of the melon resembles shark fin, which is naturally formed, so it is named as shark fin.

The ripe fruit shredded meat is crisp and unique in flavor. It is a low-calorie food that has the effects of clearing away heat and detoxification, reducing inflammation and pain, reducing blood pressure and losing weight.

Butternut Squash

Chinese translation name: winter squash / butternut pumpkin / east pumpkin

+640Butternut squash is a delicious winter squash, with a nutty flavor and a pumpkin-like sweetness. It is not only delicious, but also can be used as a side dish for main dishes such as turkey, pork or beef.

This kind of vegetable is great for making meat stuffing! Remember to put some sugar if you fry it directly.

Brussels Sprouts

Chinese translation name: Spore Cabbage

+640It is native to the coast of the Mediterranean Sea and uses fresh and tender leaf balls as the edible part.

Brussels sprouts have a high content of lobular protein, ranking first among cabbage vegetables. They also have a high content of vitamin C and trace element selenium, which is also a good vegetable for weight loss.

The foreigner just cooks it, tops it with gravy, and makes a salad or barbecue side dish. The recommended method is to remove the old leaves on the outside, cut in half, sprinkle cheese and salt into the oven, and bake on medium heat for 10 minutes before serving.


Chinese translation name: Cowhide

+640The leaves of this vegetable are thick and tender, and it is delicious when chopped and fried like ordinary vegetables.

Of course, most of these strange-looking vegetables can be used to make salads, but foreigners are very particular about the preparation of salad dressings.

If you want to make it easy to use, the Chinese-style cold dressing is very good. It is just as delicious with two spoonfuls of Almighty Lao Gan Ma after boiling it.


Chinese translation name: Leek

+640It is also called flat onion, flat leaf onion, and garlic sprouts, which are native to central and southern Europe. It looks like a hybrid product of scallions and leeks, and the taste is similar.

The green onions, leeks, and garlic sprouts that the Chinese usually eat can be replaced with them, and the taste is not as spicy as onions. Although they are winter vegetables, they can be bought from autumn to spring.

Leeks can be simmered, eaten with seasonings, grilled with shredded cheese, or stewed.


Chinese translation name: Basil

+640Basil is a medicinal and edible aromatic plant with a taste like fennel, the whole plant is small, the leaf color is emerald green, the flower color is bright, and the fragrance is overflowing.

It has the functions of dispersing wind and promoting qi, dispelling dampness, eliminating food, promoting blood circulation, and detoxification.

Adding basil leaves to salads or pasta is the easiest way. You can add basil to taste when making pizza, potatoes, fish, and meat in the oven. For convenience, you can also buy ready-made basil sauce to make an unusual green pasta.


Chinese translation name: Parsley

+640Parsley contains a lot of iron, vitamin A and vitamin C, and is a kind of spice leaf vegetable.

It should be used more in western food. Many cold dishes or decorations on dishes can also be used as spice seasonings. It can also be eaten raw. Especially after eating green onions and garlic, chewing a little parsley leaf can eliminate the peculiar smell in the mouth.


Chinese translation name: 银甜菜

+640Silver beet looks like a tall and thin enlarged version of Chinese cabbage. It is also rich in nutrients, rich in iron and fiber.

The locals like to chop it up to make a salad, but the taste is really not good. If you want to make it, you must cook it for a longer time and make it softer.

After reading the above guides, you are no longer afraid to go to the supermarket!


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