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This afternoon, a serious security incident occurred near the pedestrian street of Bourk St in the heart of Melbourne. The police pursued a suspect, but he drove into a pedestrian. So far, three people have been killed (including one child), at least 15 people have been injured, and at least 5 injured have not escaped the dangerous period.


At 17:15, Victorian Governor Daniel Andrew held a press conference at the Victorian Police Department

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A Victoria Police spokesperson confirmed that so far, a total of 3 people have died in the incident, including a man and a woman, both about 30 years old, and a baby.

The spokesperson said,The suspect has been controlled by the police. He is 26 years old and has a history of domestic violence. He is now on bail.

Victoria Police also confirmed thatThe man involved in the accident knocked down 15 people in total.

The police shot the man during the pursuit of the Victorian Police Card. The man was driving the car alone. He was allegedly hit by a bullet and injured.

According to the police, the man took a female hostage and trapped it in the car. The hostage and the suspect knew each other. The female hostage escaped from the suspect’s car at Bolte Bridge earlier today.

Event time:

* 1.30pm:

The Melbourne Emergency Services Agency received a call. A 26-year-old man drove a red car through the tramway of Flinders St.


While yelling, he didn't know what was being burned, and then rushed into the crowd.

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* 1.40pm:

The vehicle drove to Boruke St for speeding and began to crash into pedestrians.

Many people were seriously injured, and the floor was full of blood...the scene was tragic.

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The sudden incident frightened passers-by at a loss, frightened, and fled into nearby shops.


Another baby carriage was hit and flew, and a three-month-old baby was thrown into the air. Her mother fell to the ground and kept crying.

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* 1.45pm:

The police immediately blocked the area of ​​Bourke Street Mall in both directions and dispatched helicopters.

Within a few minutes, a large number of police gathered in the CBD to pursue the suspect.

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SWAT guns actually pop up

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* 2.20pm:

Witnesses said gunshots were heard on William St.


* 2.30pm:

The police subdued the man and confirmed that the situation was under control.

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* 3.20pm:

The police issued a press conference and confirmed that three people have died, one of whom is a child.

More than 20 people were sent to the hospital for treatment. A baby was seriously injured and is still being rescued.

The incident has nothing to do with the terrorist attack.


According to Victorian police, the blockade on the crime scene has been lifted and traffic has resumed.

The Victorian Police said via Twitter that the driving accident that occurred in Melbourne’s city centre at noon today did not affect the ongoing Australian Open and the game went smoothly.

News compiled from "The Age, 9 News"


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