Melbourne from the first to the fifteenth year of all New Year activities are here! The Chinese want HIGH to turn Melbourne again!

Release your eyes, put on headphones, and listen~!

"Chinatown" media of Chinese Australians

Tomorrow is the first day of the Chinese New Year. Many friends who are still in Melbourne can find red lanterns that have been hung high on the street and in various shops! Does this surprise you who thought there was no atmosphere during the Chinese New Year?Actually, to spend the New Year in Melbourne,More atmosphere and joy than in the country!640-752Do not believe? Let’s take a look at the grand occasion of the Chinese New Year last year. There were lights and festivities everywhere. Tens of thousands of Chinese gathered in CHINATOWN, Federation Square, and the Chinese District to celebrate the New Year. Many Australians also came to celebrate the New Year!

Everyone wandered through various celebrations,Eat all the good food, I'm so overwhelmed, I don't want to go home after I play games, and I get soft hands with red envelopes!


And this year, Melbourne will not let you down! This year’s Lunar New Year celebration can be calledThe most grand and grandest New Year celebration in history!Melbourne has made a lot of effort this year, just to let Chinese who live in a foreign land to celebrate the new year also experience a strong Chinese New Year atmosphere!

The editor also carefully organized the grand celebrations in various areas of Melbourne during the New Year, so that you can experience a different New Year in 360 degrees!


CHINATOWN New Year Celebration Series Activities

To say that Melbourne has the strongest New Year flavorIt is CHINATOOWN!

This year CHINATOWN’s New Year celebration series will be even more exciting! Here, you can watch traditional Chinese performances, eat authentic hometown food, and participate in various interesting games!

Come and see what specific activities are available!



To celebrate the Spring Festival, CHINATOWN will also light up bright lights at night until midnight,Create a brightly lit New Year atmosphere!

Time: February 1

Location: CHINATOWN Square

Price: Free



The official opening ceremony of CHINATOWN Chinese New Year means the opening of the Spring Festival! What I look forward to most is the sentence:

"New Year!"

Time: 1am-29pm, January 11

Location: Cnr. Russell and Lt Bourke St.

Dragon and Lion Dance Parade


The most popular event in Chinatown! Along with the rumbling drums, the gorgeous dragon and lion dance team passed through the entire Chinatown,Bring full of luck and blessing!

Time: 1 am-29pm, January 11.30

Location: Througuout CHINATOWN

Price: Free

Performance of art


Various wonderful performances brought by traditional artists! Celebrate the carnival together with singing and dancing, and promise to make you so excited!

Time: September 1-September 23

Location: the entire CHINATOWN

Price: Free

HOW MANY FORTUNE COOKIES Fortune cookie gift!


Guess how many fortune cookies are in the shopping arcades in Chinatown? You can win lucky prizes by guessing right!Come and test your luck in the New Year!

Time: September 1-September 23

Location: 206 Bourke Street Shopping Centre

Price: Free

Asian Food Street


Here you can taste authentic Chinese delicacies and other Asian snacks, all kinds of delicacies spread along the street,It can be called a paradise for food, it can't stop at all!

Time: 1am-29pm, January 11

Location: Russell St

New Year's Garden Party!


It's not enough to have delicious food and good shows, there are more fun competitions! This year Chinatown will hold a variety of interesting competitions, such as: dumpling eating competition, parent-child New Year drawing competition, chicken eating competition and so on!Take out your strength and win a good start!

Time: 1am-29pm, January 11

Location: Russell St

Chinese Museum Open Day


1 month 29 day,The Chinese Museum is free to the public!Showcasing China's past, present and future, you should not miss it if you like to visit museums!

Time: January 1, 29pm-1pm

Location: Chinese museum, 22 Cohen Pl

Price: Free



The Chinese Museum also launched a New Year's event, where children can try to make Chinese dragon murals by themselves (parents are required). Excellent works will also be exhibited in February!

Time: January 1, 29pm-2pm

Location: Chinese museum, 22 Cohen Pl

Price: $5.00 per Child

Traditional culture corridor


Feng shui, mahjong, calligraphy...all the Chinese culture you are interested in will be presented here! As if back in the courtyard of their hometown, the adults were sitting around playing mahjong and writing couplets.Full of memories to kill!

Time: 1am-29pm, January 11

Location: Russell St.

Price: Free

OUTDOOR CINEMA Outdoor theater


To celebrate the coming of the New Year, CHINATOWN Square also prepared lazy sofas and outdoor movies for everyone! Give you an unprecedented New Year experience!

Time: January 1, 27pm-5pm

Location: Cohen Place

Federation Square New Year Celebration
640-766This year, the activities organized by Federation Square to celebrate the Chinese New Year can be described as wonderful! The main stage staged unique traditional entertainment programs with Chinese characteristics throughout the day, as well as various music performances and handicraft exhibitions and other exciting activities!It's like being in the square of your hometown and having fun all day!Time: 1am-28pm, January 10

Location: Corner Swanston St & Flinders St

Reservation &

Price: Free

Queen Victoria Market New Year Event     
640-767When the historic Wei Ma market meets the traditional Chinese New Year, there will be a different spark! This year, here, you will have the opportunity to appreciate local traditional arts such as martial arts and lion dance, as well as the wonderful performances of international artists! Time: January 1, 28am-10pm

Location: Queen Victoria Market

Reservation &

Ang Pow Wishing Wall in Queen Victoria Market   


How can there be no red envelopes in the New Year? Wei Ma Market satisfies your desire to get red envelopes!Remove the red envelope from the red envelope wall in the market and scan the QR code above to have a chance to win prizes and special offers from merchants in the market! You can also enter the lottery and win the opportunity to fly over Melbourne in a hot air balloon!

时间:1月28日、1月29日、1月31日、2月2日、2月3日、2月4日、2月5日 10am—3pm

Location: Queen Victoria Market

Reservation &

Queen Victoria Market Lantern Festival Celebration


In addition to the prosperous New Year celebrations, this year's Wei Ma Market will also hold Lantern Festival celebrations! During the Lantern Festival, there will be a variety of exciting street performances on Queen Street and various Asian food stalls waiting for you to taste! Don’t miss it!

时间:2月11日—2月12日 9am—3pm

Location: Queen Victoria Market

CROWN New Year fireworks
640-770When I was a child, what I looked forward to most was the fireworks on New Year’s Eve?Come to CROWN to watch the fireworks show!看烟花照亮亚拉河畔,会不会有回到童年的错觉呢?等你自己来体会哦!时间:1月28日、2月4日 9.45pm

Location: CROWN Riverwalk

Price: Free

CROWN New Year's Fair


In addition to the wonderful fireworks display, CROWN will also hold a New Year fair! The dragon and lion dance team passes by you, and you can also eat a variety of authentic food,As if back to the New Year's Fair in memory!

Time: September 1-September 27

Location: CROWN Riverwalk

Price: Free

Eureka Observation Deck Lunar New Year Celebration  


This year, Eureka 88 Observation Deck also participated in the celebration of the New Year, and there are red packets to get! Everyone who visits Eureka 88 Observation Deck during the Lunar New Year will receive a red envelope and a chance to win a big prize!While enjoying the scenery of Melbourne, have a lucky New Year!

Time: September 1-September 27

Location: Eureka Skydeck, 7 Riverside Quay, Southbank

Reservation &

Melbourne star observation Ferris wheel light show


During the Lunar New Year, the Melbourne Star Observation Wheel will bring you a wonderful light show! In addition, during this period, the Melbourne Star Observation Wheel will also provide buy one get one free admission tickets (adults and children), just mention "Rooster 2017" when buying tickets to enjoy the discount!

时间:1月27日—2月12日 11am—10pm

Location: 101 Waterfront Way, Dockland

Reservation &

Harbour Esplanade New Year Celebration


During the New Year, Harbour Esplanade will also bring you a series of exciting activities! Food Truck Park will provide you with a variety of Asian specialties, as well as beach light shows and traditional lion dance performances waiting for you!

时间:1月27日—2月12日 12am—10pm

Location: Harbour Esplanade, Docklands

Queensbridge Square Dragon Boat Race


During the New Year, the Victoria Dragon Boat Club will hold an exciting dragon boat race on the Yarra River near Queensbridge Square! If you are over 12 years old, you can also sign up for this interesting event!Come and experience the unique feeling of spending traditional festivals in a foreign country!

时间:2月4日—2月5日 10am—4pm

Location: Queensbridge Square, Southbank

Reservation &

Chinese New Year Concert


On the occasion of celebrating the Chinese New Year, Melbourne will stage a musical feast! The Melbourne Symphony Orchestra will join hands with world-class musicians to bring Chinese traditional instruments and innovative music works to Melbourne to perform!Spend a wonderful New Year's Eve accompanied by music!

Time: 2pm, February 4

Location: Hamer Hall, Arts Centre Melbourne, 100 St Kilda Road, Melbourne

Reservation &

Melbourne Zoo New Year Celebration


This year, Melbourne Zoo will also prepare for the New Year celebration! Various special Lunar New Year activities will be held in each park in the zoo, and there will be gorgeous lanterns and decorations on display! In addition, you can also participate in the Zoo's New Year Photo Contest and win big prizes!

时间:1月28日—2月16日 9am—5pm

Location: Elliott Ave, Parkville VIC3052

Reservation &


In addition to Melbourne CBD and main attractions, there will also be lively celebrations in other areas of Melbourne!Friends who live far away can still have a festive New Year with performances, food, and red envelopes!

BOXHILL Chinese New Year Celebration

Location: BOXHILL Central

main activities:


11am Official New Year Celebration

12.30am Lucky God Parade

1.30am Dragon dance performance


11am-2pm Chinese Cooking Competition

11am-5pm Asian BBQ event

12am Dragon dance performance


5pm Lion dance performance, lucky god parade

10pm fireworks show


Glen Waverley Chinese New Year Celebration

Location: The Glen

main activities:


9am—5pm Lucky Tree Activity

11am—2pm Fortune cookies and picture activities

3pm dragon dance

Friends who are celebrating the New Year in Melbourne, quickly plan your time and schedule, pull in friends, and go to the lively scene to have a good time!


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