Sydney and Melbourne are among the most expensive cities to settle in the world! It cost nearly 3000 Australian dollars in the first month!

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The latest data of the Relocation Price Index is released. Among the 75 most expensive cities in the world, Sydney and Melbourne in Australia are on the list.

To settle in Sydney and MelbourneIt's really not cheap!


Recently, according to RealEstate website reports, the relocation price index (Relocation Price Index) survey data released by moving service platform Movinga stated that

Among the 75 most expensive cities to settle in the world, AustraliaSydney,MelbourneAll of them are on the list, and are among the best...Everyone, we are all rich people~



This data is mainly based on 4 main factors to determine the cost of the first month of moving:

①The rental cost of renting a one-bedroom apartment in the city center

②The cost of mobile phone setup and data plan

③The monthly price of public transportation

④Food and drinks for 30 days

As can be seen from the research data,Sydney ranked 7th, The expenses in the first month of moving up to2866 Australian dollars(That is US$2163).


The average monthly rent for a 35-square-meter apartment is $1767

A month’s mobile phone is set to 70 Australian dollars

Food and beverages are AUD 870

Transportation is about AUD 154

And Melbourne ranked 18th, The total cost is about 2415 Australian dollars (about 1823.93 US dollars).640-582 640-583

The average monthly rent for a 35-square-meter apartment is $1389

A month’s mobile phone is set to 70 Australian dollars

Food and beverages are AUD 829

Transportation is about AUD 131

Other Australian cities, including Brisbane, did not make the list of these 75 cities.

Finn Hänsel, Director of Movinga, said that more and more people choose to settle and work abroad, so in fact, many big cities have a large number of foreigners.

The relocation price index plays a very important role,Because in the future, companies are likely to use this as a reference to decide where to relocate their offices.

To settle down in a city, it is far more than the four expenses proposed by the index.

As one of the most livable countries in the world,Many research data have estimated the cost of living in Australia.

Taking Melbourne as an example, we might as well estimate how thick our wallet is enough to live in Melbourne for a month...



Breakfast: AU$5-8, The general match is a hamburger Muffin sandwich, plus a cup of coffee.

Lunch: AU$10-15, Fast food on the roadside, Chinese restaurant, M Ji, Japanese food and so on.

Dinner: AU$15-25, It’s not cheap to order two dishes in the restaurant, or go to some small well-known restaurants.
But if you buy your own vegetables and go home to cook, the cost will be much reduced!

640-585 640-586

Especially if you encounter a discount, it’s even more cost-effective.


But the premise is that you have to go home to eat every day, without a little mobility,

Otherwise, the unused ingredients will expire for a long time, and it will be bought for nothing...

Subtotal: AU$829/ month




According to statistics, the price of renting a house near colleges and universities (calculated by week) is:

The price of a single room (shared bathroom with others) isAU$220-280The price of a double room (shared bathroom with others) isAU$280-320

Masterroom, the price of a suite with a separate bathroom is atAU$320-400

The better the environment of the community, the more convenient the traffic, the fewer the number of people living in the room, the more expensive the price will be

If it is not near the school, the price will be much cheaper.

Subtotal: AU$1389/ month

I have to consider if I liveHydropower Coal NetworkAnd other miscellaneous expenses.

Australia’s electricity and water bills are generally collected quarterly (electricity bills are also collected monthly).

The electricity bill in the first quarter is generally $150~$200 per person, and the water bill is $30~$50.

Subtotal: AU$150/ month

Daily necessities

Daily chemical products are not too expensive.

The price of shampoo and hair care products such as Pantene and Sassoon is around $10, and supermarkets often discount them.

640-590 640-591

Washing powder and liquid detergent are basically around $10.

Basically a bottle of detergent and degreaser for kitchen use.

The toilet paper, toilet cleaner, fragrance, etc. needed in the toilet are about $20.

Subtotal: AU$50/ month

In addition, there are



Subtotal: AU$259/ month

Installation fee


Subtotal: AU$200/ month



Subtotal: AU$200/ month


(Everyone is healthy, not this one~)


Subtotal: AU$0/ month

TOTAL: AU$3077/ month

The cost of living in Sydney is definitely higher than this...

The cost of living in Australia for a month beats 99% of the world's people, which may be a bit exaggerated!

However, if you want to live a good life in Tuao, it is really not easy, so try to make money!

News compiled from "Courier Mail"


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