The appearance of Melbourne at this moment can only be seen by the closest people

Release your eyes, put on headphones, and listen~!

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Have you seen Melbourne at 5 o'clock in the morning?

When the first ray of morning light shines through the mist, a city full of vitality and joy slowly wakes up.

The beauty of Melbourne is in the early morning, even though we also love every sunset. Many people sing the glorious sunset at sunset, but when the beautiful dawn comes, everything is mellow, and the world is full.


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The beauty of Melbourne's early morning, in the smiles of the bride and groom kissing and taking pictures in the morning light, in the colorful hot air balloon that opened the window in the early morning. It's the chirping birdsong that you hear when you wake up, the aroma of coffee you smell on the way to work, the silhouettes of office workers waiting for the bus in the train station, and the people running in the morning and walking their dogs in the park. The beauty of dawn in Melbourne is a book, without any treacherous conspiracy, only full of poetry and tranquility. It is a movie with no stimulating plot, but it embodies literature and enthusiasm; it is a picture scroll without abstract concepts, but The freedom and randomness of this city are revealed in the brush strokes.

◆ ◆ ◆ ◆


Dawn and city

Looking at you from the high clouds, looking at you from the hot air balloon, Melbourne's dawn, like a shy little girl, a little shy face in the faint sunlight.

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When Richmont was still trying to open his sleepy eyes, West Gate Bridge had the most beautiful smile in the gleaming light.

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The quiet harbor immediately ushered in the busy hustle and bustle, and a white line crossed by a plane completely broke the calm of dawn.

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Dawn and nature

The dawn of winter is solemn and quiet, as if only the cascading waves can be heard gently telling the yearning for the reef.


The dawn of summer is brilliant and gorgeous, flowers surround the green trees, as if smelling a strong fragrance, attracting bees and butterflies.


Point Lonsdale pier, should such beauty only be in the dream world?


Barwon Heads Bluff, after being washed by the Southern Aurora, is perfectly like a dream forest in a fairy tale world.


Dawn and man

Perhaps I was surfing in the cold waters of Ocean Grove, but the fiery dawn gave me a fearless heart;


Maybe, I was fishing on the cold shore of Brighten Beach, I am not lonely, because I can clearly hear the sound of the city waking up.


Maybe, my partner and I swim hand in hand at Sandridge beach, just to witness the moment when the sunrise jumps out of the sea.


Perhaps, my best friends and I are walking on the long trestle bridge. Even though I am old, love and responsibility are my original intentions that I have never forgotten.


Maybe, I am running on the coast of Frankston facing the morning sun, don't worry, even if the weather is hot, the pursuit will never stop.


Maybe, when I started riding in the morning, I suddenly stopped and stopped. Don't rush, I am enjoying this rare and quiet scenery.


Maybe, on the banks of the Yarra River, just before dawn, you can see my friends and I sweating,


Perhaps, in the first ray of sunshine in the morning, I jumped on horseback, because I knew that the effort of smelling the chicken and dancing would surely be able to exchange future success.


Dawn and important moments

The dawn of Anzac day, remembrance and remembrance, solemn and solemn.

The early morning before the Preliminary Final week revealed a trace of joy and enthusiasm.


Waking up from the day of the day, I hope to share my happiness with the world.
Looking around on the eve of the storm, I believe this strong city will not close her heart of friendship because of a little setback.


Dawn and animals

Seagulls are the best companions in the morning, and their graceful dance awakens the soul of this city.


Under the West Gate Bridge, the swan shows his graceful figure, ripples, who is reflected in your heart?


Hidden Valley, a kangaroo is looking forward to it. Is there someone you want on the other side of the ocean?


So, from now on, be a happy child, facing the sea and bathing in the morning sun.

Favorite, most beautiful, Melbourne at dawn.

In the new year, what reason do you have for not getting up early!


News compiled from "Herald Sun"


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