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If you say what is the most toxic poison in Australia

It is estimated that many people can think of

Viper & poisonous spider

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If ask you

"What is the most dangerous poison in Australia?"

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I guess many people can't think of it

The answer turned out to be: bees


Venomous snakes and spiders are poisonous

But most of you don’t touch it

Even if you encounter it, you will be very alert

But encountering bees 🐝 is different

A recent survey report from the University of Melbourne shows:

In the past 13 years, the total number of hospitalizations and deaths due to poisons was 42000, of which 1/3 were related to bees! ! !

And venomous snakes account for only 15% of them.


During the period 2000-2013, the total number of deaths from bee stings was the same as the number of deaths from snake venom.

In addition to the data, judging from past cases, it is easy to cause anaphylactic shock after being stung by a bee, but many people did not pay attention to this, which made the disease worse, and ultimately failed in the effective time. Healed within.

Research scholars believe that “because people are not afraid of bees like snakes, there are such high deaths.”

Therefore, those poisons that seem to be the most vicious are not the ones with the most fatalities, because people pay enough attention to them. On the contrary, like bees, the ones that are always ignored by people are the ones that kill the most.

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