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Folk Songs, Bel Canto, Welcome to the New Year——-Chinese New Year Spring Festival Gala Concert starts on Friday night


One of the highlights of the 2017 Melbourne Chinese New Year Orientation Series-the Chinese New Year Concert was grandly staged at the Yarra Riverside Convention and Exhibition Center on February 2. Famous singers from China and Chinese Kung Fu boys who are popular on the stage, students from Shandong Laizhou Chinese Martial Arts School presented an elegant evening party that combines Chinese and Western traditions and fashion. Consul General Zhao Jian of the Chinese Consulate-General in Melbourne, the host of the evening party—Ms. Su Junxi, chairman of the Victorian Chinese Association, and more than 3 overseas Chinese in Melbourne watched the performance.


During the festival, the Yarra River is beaming, and the streets and businesses are full of lights and colorful Chinese red. On the weekend, the food street specially set up to celebrate the Chinese New Year in the Queens Bridge Square is bustling with hustle and bustle. Just after XNUMX pm, Chinese and overseas Chinese from the Greater Melbourne area helped the old and the young. Get together with friends and gather at the Convention and Exhibition Center. A high-level stage performance is waiting for the gong to start tonight.


At 7:30 in the evening, with the festive sound of gongs and drums performed by 18 actors wearing red jackets, the show started. The famous Chinese pop singer Liu Wenjun's song "I haven't come home for a long time" deeply touched the pain points of the audience. At that moment, the nostalgia that I dared not touch for a long time rose up in the audience's hearts like smoke diffused on the stage. "I haven't been home for a long time, how's the house okay? Dad, you're groping around outside. I haven't been home for a long time. It's not because I don't want to be home. Mom's body has always been my biggest concern." After a song was sung, there was warm applause.


Singer Silan brought to the audience a set of songs singing the motherland and hometown. The song "Anhui Girl" brought the thoughts of the Anhui folks back to their homeland. The contemporary classic song "My Motherland", which has been sung for more than half a century, mobilized the emotions of the audience. Everyone responded in unison. , Sing.


The performances of the three major tenors Yu Min, Jiang Zhiwei and Le Hanning made the audience really addicted to opera. Whether it's Le Hanning's "Stars" from the Italian opera "Tosca", or Yu Min's "Woman's Change" from the Italian opera "The Jester", or Jiang Zhiwei and the soprano singer The song "Drinking Song", the selected piece of the Italian opera "La Traviata", was sung by the audience with warm applause. In order to let everyone better understand the Italian aria "Mom, this wine is too strong", Mr. Zhiwei Jiang, who teaches in the Vocal Music Department of the Conservatory of Music, also popularized the plot of the Italian opera "Country Knight".

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Melbourne soprano singer Wang Xiao was moved by the warm applause of the audience as soon as she came out. She is a familiar singer, and every time there is no her singing, it seems like something is missing. Tonight she is bringing "For Art, For Love" from the opera "Tosca".

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The most eye-catching people at the party were the Kung Fu boys from Shandong Laizhou Chinese Martial Arts School. Among these children, the oldest is 17 years old and the youngest is 13 years old. Although he is not very young, he has full stage experience. The opening ceremonies of large-scale events such as the Spring Festival Gala and the National Games, there is no shortage of cultural exchanges and performances abroad. Although I only got here the day before and I haven't had time to take a good rest, I was still alive and energetic on the stage. They organically combine the exquisiteness of Chinese martial arts with the appreciation of stage performances. They are both sassy and mighty, but also relaxed and elegant. With Chinese traditional music and costumes, they are able to act as envoys of traditional Chinese culture with ease.

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After the party, the audience reluctantly took photos with the actors.

In the backstage interview, the actors all expressed their heartfelt thanks to the organizer for their invitation and expressed satisfaction with the stage facilities and the atmosphere of the audience. Mr. Yu Min said that this time we can invite Jiang Zhiwei and Le Hanning to perform in Melbourne, hoping that the audience in Mexico City can appreciate the performances of several high-level singers and enrich everyone’s cultural life.

Mr. Le Hanning said that for this performance, he turned off other jobs. Although it is far away from the ocean, it is hard work, but it is worth the effort to spend a rich Chinese New Year for the Chinese and overseas Chinese. Ms. Silan said that music knows no borders, and Chinese music can find friends all over the world. She said that Melbourne’s beautiful mountains and rivers are more beautiful, and I hope the Chinese and overseas Chinese here can enjoy this wonderful life. The person in charge of the Laizhou Chinese Martial Arts School said that those friends who did not see the performance today do not have to regret it. According to the organizer’s arrangement, they will perform in Glen Waverley, Docklands, Queen Victoria Market and other places in the next few days, bringing the people of Mexico City closer. Watching Chinese Kung Fu to live up to the mission of the teachers and students.

The singers and actors also hope that the reporter will pass their New Year greetings to the Chinese and overseas Chinese in Mexico City, and wish everyone a happy and happy New Year! We are also here to wish the singers a more prosperous New Year's career, and wish the children of the martial arts school Good luck in the Year of the Rooster, healthy growth!

Ms. Su Junxi, chairman of the Victorian Chinese Association, sincerely thanked the sponsors of the party, and thanked the Melbourne City Government and Victorian government for their strong support to the event and the Spring Festival Gala!

Contributed by the Secretariat of the Victorian Chinese Association Secretariat/Australia.net reporter Qiang Shu


Article reprinted from "Australia.com"


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