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Prices have skyrocketed and food safety issues have emerged one after another. Today, just the weekly expenditure on groceries makes many people feel very stressed...


What if you can eat healthy and rest assured without spending a penny? Does this sound like a fantasy?


But this is exactly the small goal set by a family of six in New Zealand: for the entire year of 2017, not to spend a penny on grocery shopping!


Don't spend money to buy vegetables? What to eat?

It's simple: grow your own!


This family of six comes from Whanganui, New Zealand. His wife Lydia Harvey and her husband are raising 4 lovely children.


Like other families, this ordinary and happy family of six lives a daily life of firewood, rice, oil, salt, sauce, vinegar and tea.


Every week, Mrs. Harvey goes to the supermarket to purchase the family's daily necessities: vegetables, fruits, milk, meat, eggs... and some packaged foods are indispensable.


For three meals a day, Mrs. Harvey will use the purchased food to prepare delicious meals for the family, and then sit around the dining table with her husband and children and enjoy the warm family time.


Days passed day by day in such a flat and plain life. Until one day last year, the family ushered in a turning point in their lives.


One day, Mrs. Harvey's 3-year-old son Ashton was diagnosed with celiac disease, a chronic digestive and intestinal disease caused by allergy to gliadin in gluten. The child kept crying because of bloating.


Mrs. Harvey can't figure out why her son is sick. She thinks the family eats healthy every day.


Later, the doctor told her that this was because her son was allergic to grains and dairy products and that these foods should not be added to his diet in the future.


Although the son's illness healed quickly, this incident caused Mrs. Harvey and her husband to start thinking about the food their family ate every day and their own lifestyle.


"I want to know why the food we eat makes my son sick, so I carefully checked the ingredient list on the food packaging bag, and then Googled their ingredients and instructions one by one. Only then did I realize that we eat a lot. Food is harmful to health."


For the health of the family and to save $400 in food expenses per week, at the end of last year, Mrs. Harvey and her husband decided to start a new way of life-grow their own vegetables, be self-sufficient, and stop buying for a whole year. Spend a penny on food!


So, since then, their backyard has become a small farm. A family works at sunrise and rests at sunset


Not only did they grow various seasonal vegetables and fruits in it, but they also raised hens that lay eggs. The atmosphere of the soil fascinated the family. They watched every small seedling buried in the soil and shared their changes every day.


Every morning, they go to the vegetable garden to grab a few handfuls of vegetables, pick a few fruits from the trees, dig a few potatoes in the field, and then pick a few eggs in the chicken coop...


A fresh, healthy and nutritious meal brings a good mood for the day without spending a penny!


Every evening, the whole family fertilizes, waters, and catches insects on the vegetables and fruits in the vegetable field.


Take care of the flowers and dress up life with them.


Feeding the clucking hens with water and whispering, the troubles of the city disappeared in the countryside.


What's more, the six members of this family just pulled people back to the era of bartering.


The fruits and vegetables grown at home are currency, exchanged with other neighbors and friends, and other necessities of life.


In fact, at first, they just gave the extra fruits and vegetables to their relatives and friends to taste. Unexpectedly, after receiving them, in order to express their gratitude, they would often give her something that could not be grown in the backyard, such as meat, bread...

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One come and go, a thriving small market was formed.


They can exchange more and more things. People are willing to exchange their daily needs without spending money. More importantly, they have enhanced the relationship with their neighbors and let them experience doing it themselves and sharing with others. The joy of the fruit of labor.


Mrs. Harvey said that after they made such a decision at the beginning, their friends did not believe that they could do it, but now, more than a month later, they have not spent money to buy vegetables and they are still living well.


"This kind of thing sounds incredible, but it's actually not that difficult to do. We don't actually need many things, we just want them."


When they gave up some, they found that they had gained more.


Nowadays, although things like wine, cat food and dog food are still to be bought, the family plans to live a self-sufficient pastoral life through bartering or making their own wine.

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They found that when you don’t have to worry about the safety of the ingredients, when you know where and how the food in front of you come from, when you remember the sweat of a family, and clearly remember the joy of the harvest, their eyes on the world change. Is different.


The family also set up a homepage called "Back To Basics" on Facebook, sharing the fruits and vegetables they grow with you from time to time, and giving you some tips on saving food expenses. The family found that it does not cost money. , Life can be so happy, like an idyllic poem.

In fact, in Australia, every community also regularly holds this kind of "food swaps" activities, the purpose is to encourage everyone to do it themselves, produce natural ingredients and exchange them to avoid waste and achieve sustainable goals.


About this is our ideal life, it seems that it is not far away from you and me.


News compiled from "New Zealand Herald"


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