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The 2017 Melbourne City Spring Festival Concert, which has been curated by the Victorian Chinese Association (Victoria Chinese Association) for a long time, will be held at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre at 2 pm on February 3rd. Everyone will have the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful voices, popular and folk songs Kung Fu boys from Laizhou Chinese Martial Arts School, Shandong Laizhou Chinese Martial Arts School, the hometown of martial arts, made their debut on the Melbourne Spring Festival celebration stage, which will bring you a refreshing style of martial arts boys.

The singers participating in this concert are:

1. In the vocal world, Mr. Le Hanning, the leading actor in the large-scale musical "Sakura" in Hubei and one of the three tenors in Guangdong and Hong Kong.


(Le Hanning map)

Tenor singer and painter, one of the three major tenors of Guangdong and Hong Kong, outstanding singer of Guangdong Province, special painter of Xi'an Chinese Painting Academy

Graduated from the Vocal Music Department of Wuhan Conservatory of Music, under the tutelage of Professor Zhong Biru and Professor Li Xinchang. Former teacher of the Vocal Music Department of Wuhan Conservatory of Music. In the 1991s, he was admitted to the Wuhan Song and Dance Theater Art School and the Vocal Music Department of Wuhan Conservatory of Music, and furthered to the Central Conservatory of Music. In XNUMX, he was invited to act as the leading actor in the large-scale opera "Sakura" in Hubei Province, and won the first national "Wenhua" award for Hubei opera.

Mr. Le Hanning led the tenor in "Beethoven's Ninth Symphony" by the famous conductor Yan Liangkun. Since 2006, he has served as the chief director and music coordinator of the gala for many times. He also worked with Zhao Benshan, Song Zuying, Jiang Dawei, Famous artists such as Dong Wenhua sang on the same stage. Successively won the first prize of the first Guangdong Province "Hundreds of Ode to China" singing competition, the national "Yitong Cup" Youth Singing Competition, and the second prize of the first Cross-Strait Chinese Singing Contest (Professional Bel Canto).


In 2011, with Hong Kong singer Wan Jianping and Shenzhen singer Li Yuanwei, he formed the "Three Tenors of Guangdong and Hong Kong-Three Gentlemen of the East" and held many special concerts in China and overseas. Mr. Le Hanning also published a picture album and held a solo exhibition, using songs into paintings and paintings into songs, giving the audience a very elegant feeling.

2Mr. Jiang Zhiwei, a young tenor who has won numerous domestic and international vocal music awards and won the fourth place in the 2015st Premio Cleo Tombo International Vocal Competition in Italy in 21.


(Picture of Jiang Zhiwei)

Outstanding young tenor in China, outstanding musician in Guangdong Province, graduated from Xinghai Conservatory of Music, studied bel canto with Associate Professor Chu Meihua, and Professor Yang Yan learned bel canto.

In October 2007, he won the first place in the China Division of the "Bellini" International Vocal Competition

In November 2007, the famous Chinese tenor Mr. Dai Yuqiang held a concert to commemorate Pavarotti at the Shenzhen Grand Theater

In 2008, he won the first place in the Bel Canto group of the Guangdong CCTV Youth Singing Competition, representing Guangdong Province in the 11th CCTV Young Singer TV Grand Prix, and ranked XNUMXth in the individual semi-finals.

In 2009 and 2010, represented Guangdong Province in the XNUMXth and XNUMXth China Music Golden Bell Awards, and won the Excellence Award

In December 2010, participated in the "Bergonch" International Vocal Competition Guangzhou Division Trial and won the first place

In May 2015, went to Italy to participate in the 5st "Premio Cleto Tombo" International Vocal Competition and won the fourth place

Participated in the launching ceremony of China's top ten young male singers global tour concert in 2016 and the 2016 New Year concert

3.Mr. Yu Min, one of the "Three Gentleman Tenors" who is familiar with Melbourne’s former conservatory of music, returned to the music hall.



(Yu Mintu)

Chinese tenor singer, graduated from the Vocal Music Department of the Central Conservatory of Music

He is good at interpreting western arias, under the tutelage of famous vocal educators and singers Guo Shuzhen and Li Xinchang. Learn Pavarotti's vocalization method from teacher Wan Jianping.

In 2013, he was invited by a German singer to sing at the Beijing Concert Hall, and he was known as the Pavarotti tenor. In the same year, the song "Nobody Sleeps Tonight" in the Salt Mine Concert Hall in Poland received thunderous applause and a second curtain call.



(Yu Min left)

After that, Mr. Yu Min was invited to participate in the invitations of Melbourne and Sydney to participate in the 70th Anniversary Concert of the War of Resistance against Japan. He sang Verdi and Puccini opera arias, showing the brilliant tenor of Italian American acoustic school rare in China. Exciting, mellow and vigorous, elegant and perfect artistic style makes the audience unforgettable.

4Mr. Liu Wenjun, a well-known popular singer who has won numerous awards in the "Avenue of Stars" and "The Outstanding Chinese", the host of the column "With Me With You" of Beijing Traffic Radio


(Photo by Liu Wenjun)

Host of Beijing Traffic Radio FM1039 (with me with you)

He has a wealth of performance experience and has a very high ability to control the stage. The main performance experience is as follows:

2013 CCTV "Avenue of Stars" monthly champion winner, participated in the "Extra 6+1" program in the same year and won the weekly champion.

In 2015, he won the Excellence Award of CCTV's "Bright Chinese", the first prize in the song category of the XNUMXrd Beijing Culture and Art Festival, and the performance of the British station of the Sino-English International Art Tour in Europe won the gold medal

In 2016, he participated in the chorus of "Little Apple" in CCTV's "The Heroes' Meeting" and the big coat brother Zhu Zhiwen, and participated in the "Chinese New Year Seven Days Happy"

Mr. Liu Wenjun's sound is beautiful, vigorous and powerful, and he can easily resonate with the audience.

5. A beautiful legend in the Chinese music scene, mastering the characteristics and styles of folk songs in different regions of China, and mastering the skills and skills of Chinese and foreign art popular songs, the famous Chinese soprano singer Silan teacher.



Famous soprano singer, TCCTV music director, chairman of Bangkok Sunshine International Media, overseas member of Anhui Overseas Chinese Federation

He graduated from the Art Department of Anhui Normal University and the China Conservatory of Music, and studied under Professor Wang Hongliu, Wang Jingxu, Yang Shuguang, and Zou Wenqin. In 1998, he was invited to premiere the famous musician Li Huanzhi's work "The Good of Chaohu", and won the silver medal in the CCTV Music and Television Competition. Since then, Silan has become the spokesperson of China's beautiful Chaohu image. For 15 years, he has been committed to disseminating outstanding Chinese culture and art overseas, and at the same time actively invested in the field of science and technology and cultural industries and achieved success. Known as a legend among Chinese singers born in the 70s.

Representative works include: "Good for Chaohu", "Tongcheng Song", "Orchid Fu", "Chaohu Beauty", "Flowers do not wait", "Song of a Yellow Plum for the King", "Six Chi Alley", "Clean Wind and Bright Moon" , "March Jiangnan", "Anhui Girl", etc.

In 2013, he held a personal concert in Bangkok, Thailand to spread the culture of Sino-Thai friendship. "Flowers do not wait", a song co-produced by China and Thailand, has become more popular in Southeast Asia.


6. Ms. Wang Xiao, famous in Melbourne soprano music scene

Ms. Wang Xiao is active in the Melbourne Chinese high music scene, with a beautiful and high voice, bringing the audience into a new audiovisual realm. Melbourne singer Wang Xiao has extremely rich performance experience. As an outstanding representative of Melbourne Chinese, he has cooperated with various famous artists for many times and has created wonderful sparks.

This time, Ms. Wang Xiao will cooperate with the three major tenors to present a wonderful musical feast for everyone.


7. Shandong Kung Fu Boy-Laizhou Chinese Wushu Academy Delegation

The martial arts boys of Shandong Laizhou Chinese Martial Arts School who will bring you a new look of martial arts have repeatedly staged CCTV Spring Festival Gala, and performed on the same stage with Hollywood star Jackie Chan, Donnie Yen. This time, they carefully prepared a generous gift to the Melbourne audience.

Singer-born martial arts actors come from Hubei, Hunan, Anhui, Guangdong, and Henan, and fellow actors and actresses, to bring your cheers to the artists and actors from your hometown.


On January 2004, 1, the Chinese Martial Arts School Performance Troupe went to Paris, France, to participate in the 24th anniversary celebrations of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and France, and gave a wonderful performance on the famous Champs Elysées



On October 2005, 10, 29 members of the Chinese Wushu School Performance Group participated in the opening ceremony of the 720th East Asian Games (Macau)


On December 2005, 12, the Chinese Martial Arts School Performance Troupe was invited to Bangkok, Thailand to participate in the 18th Anniversary Celebration of China-Thailand Establishment



In 2014, students from China Martial Arts School and film and television superstar Jackie Chan performed the show "Jianxin Shuyun" performed on CCTV Spring Festival Gala


On June 2006, 6, participated in the performance of "Large Animation Scenarios on June 1st"


2015 China Wushu School Performance Troupe Creative Martial Arts Program "Heroes from Ancient Times" Performed in 2015 CCTV Spring Festival Gala


2016 Chinese Martial Arts School students and film and television superstar Donnie Yen co-starred in the show "Heaven, Earth and People" performed on CCTV Spring Festival Gala

Performance address: Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre, 1 Convention Centre Place, South Whart 3006.

Tram 109, 96, 12 get off at Crown Casino Station, the building opposite the Crown is the same.


Ticket sales for the concert will be carried out with the support of the Hualian Association and the 2017 Melbourne Spring Festival Organizing Committee

Ticket price: $27.00 for public purchase

$ 20.00 Hualian Club member group discounts, under the fare discount, enjoy a buy-one-get-one discount!

Students buy tickets at a favorable price.

Ticketing address: Victorian Hualian Association, 20 Collins St. Melbourne, 3000, Tel: (03) 9650 6468, and Email:[email protected]


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