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Today we will talk about the "little" things in Australia, food, clothing, housing and transportation, so that you can easily become local in Australia!

The little thing of talking lazily

Concentration is the essence, and being lazy requires skill. In the trivial matter of speaking, Australians swallow the sound, connect, connect, and speak less, so they have created many slang terms, such as G'day=Good day, Arvo=afternoon, Cheers/Ta= Thank you, Brekky/Brekkie=Breakfast, Veggies=Vegetable...


The smallest penguin in the world

In Phillip Island, Victoria, there is a group of cute fairy penguins, only 30 cm tall. The fairy penguin wears blue feathers and is the smallest penguin family in the world. At dusk, they surfaced one after another, staggered across the beach, and returned to the cave. This is the Penguin Parade, which attracts tourists from all over the world, and it is also one of Australia's most popular wildlife landscapes. Seeing them sway back home in groups on the soft sand, do their hearts become cute!


Australia's beloved snack

Australia has a rich food culture, innovative and unique. Many national fusion snacks have become an indispensable food on Australian tables and roadside stalls. For example, Green Chicken Curry Pie (green curry chicken pie), the combination of Pie and green curry that Australians like, you can enjoy the crispy scent of Pie and your favorite Thai flavor.

There is also Vanilla Slice, a dessert available in every Bakery in Australia. It combines French desserts French fettuccine with native Australian spices. Australians usually wrap vanilla custard with multiple layers of pastry. The surface is sprinkled with cold sugar to make it more sweet and rich, which is a must for Australian afternoon tea.


SmallShould I pay the fee?

In Australia, it is often unclear whether a tip should be given or not, and how much should be given if it is given? First of all, Australia is not a tipping country. Consumption taxes and service charges are already included in your bill. So you don’t need to do additional calculations when paying the bill, how much tip you have to pay to the waiter.

If you think the service is great, do you want to give it? The editor suggested that the taxi fare can be rounded up, and at the same time avoid the trouble of finding change. The tip of the guide is generally 10 Australian dollars or more, which means that you are grateful. The baggage at the hotel is 1 Australian dollars per bag. For dining in a restaurant, you can leave 10% of the bill on the table in cash.



There are hundreds of places in Australia’s small towns. Many people were attracted by the strange aboriginal towns and place names when they first came to Australia, such as Warrawee, Turramurra...don’t look at the small place names, the stories behind them Quite a lot. Some of Australia's place names come from aboriginal languages, and some are from the British.

The editor first talked about a fun place name Wollongong, transliterated into Wollongong. For the first time, many people thought it was referring to a certain scenic spot in China. In fact, this word means "sound of the sea" in the aboriginal language. Wollongong is about 2 hours' drive south of Sydney. The nearby Coalcliff Beach (Coalcliff) is small and secluded, and it is a favorite place for many tourists. There are many places with such "story" names in Australia. Wait for you to discover them while walking!


Do you recognize the little animals running all over the street?

Animals in Australia are all over the place. It is definitely not bragging. If you drive a little bit into the mountain, you will see "A kangaroo ahead", "A penguin ahead"... this kind of sign is only found in Australia.

In addition, Australia is also famous for producing "unique" small animals. The main feature of these animals is their smallness and cuteness. For example, the kookaburra with a body length of only 43cm, the short-tailed kangaroo, the smallest kangaroo with a height of less than 60cm, a dwarf possum weighing only 45g, and a sturdy wombat with a very short tail and a small appearance... If you are in Australia Encountered these small and cute animals, don’t forget to take photos~

In fact, there are so many "little" things about Australia, so come here first. If you have any "little" things about Australia that you want to share with you, please leave a message~


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