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Australia is really not peaceful recently. Someone went home and their home was vacated! A friend of the editor has been patronized by thieves several times after returning home for a month! The car was driven away, the TV was moved away, and even the shampoo was not let go!


Public security issues and police-civil relations in Australia have always been a topic of concern. So, today, the editor will have a good chat with everyone about the police in Australia.

Dial the national emergency service number: 000

This must be known. If there is a dangerous situation, please call 000 toll free!


In Australia, call the police, call an ambulance, or call the fire brigade to call 000. However, after the call is connected, you must clearly tell the operator what help you need──"Police" (police), "Ambulance" (ambulance) or "Fire" (火警). Then, they can help you transfer the dedicated line according to your needs.

In many cases, some Chinese friends did not tell them which department, thinking that it was the police directly, and the operator would hang up in this case.


Even if you don't speak English, it doesn't matter. The distress station also provides free Chinese translation service."Chinese, Mandarin, Please"That's it.


000专线还可转接聋哑人专用线,拨打000后转接 106,打PPP。

What to say on the phone

 It is inevitable to panic when calling the police, but remember that the following information must be clearly told to the operator.

1、 地址


If you can't tell where you are quickly and accurately, it will affect the speed of the police to a large extent, or even fail to send the police.You can check your location in the google map before calling the police.

The specific location of the landline alarm will be directly displayed in the system of the alarm center, but the mobile phone can only display an approximate range.The Australian police have not advanced enough to directly locate mobile phone users. So no matter how nervous you are when calling the police, the location must be as accurate as possible.

2、 简单描述发生了什么

  • 口头吵架, there is a verbal dispute
  • There is a drunk male/female harassing people.
  • 如果看到别人打群架 there is a brawl,
  • 如果受到了攻击 I was assaulted by (punching, kicking),
  • 如果被抢劫了可以说 I was robbed/there is a robbery。
  • If you see a knife, you must say the offender is holding a knife/he stabbed someone/I was stabbed,
  • 如果看到枪 he is holding a firearm/pistol/shotgun。
  • 有人开枪 there is a shoot out。
  • Someone broke into my house/there is a burglary,
  • If it is a car accident, there is a car accident/prang.
  • 飞车撞击抢劫 Ram raid。

Each of the types mentioned here represents a different level of crime and also affects the speed of police dispatch. Don't exaggerate or shrink when calling the police. Objective description is the most important.

3、 伤亡情况


如果有人受伤第一步先确定是否有知觉和呼吸Conscious and breathing? 是否出血bleeding? 各种伤口 cut/gash/graze/bruise,然后根据情况可以通过警方呼叫中心叫救护车ambulance,因为000报警中心也同时可以通知Ambulance来进行及时的救治。

4、 尽量提供犯罪嫌疑人特征


性别 male/female、年龄age、种族、衣着、特征、逃离方向。这些都是帮助提升破案速度的有效信息!

After the description is complete, the operator will tell you the approximate time to be out of the police according to the severity of the case, or inform other handling methods (for example, it is recommended to go to the police station to make a transcript)

What you have to do after calling the police is to pay attention to the safety of yourself and others, and protect the scene while waiting for the police to arrive. If it is a burglary, try not to touch the window sill and door handle casually. If it is a serious injury or sexual assault, keep the clothes on the day and do not wash them for DNA evidence.

APP alarm

The Australian government also has a special free alarm APP-Emergency Plus, which uses smartphone technology to automatically report emergencies to emergency services.



This App can prevent the 000 call center from being busy by non-urgent events. These non-urgent events will be handed over to SES or the police assistance hotline for processing.


Once an emergency occurs, the most important thing is to find the location of those calling for help. This App uses the built-in GPS function of the smartphone to give specific information about their location.


This APP can be downloaded for free through Google Play and Apple App Stores.

Call 131444 or local police station

In non-urgent cases, you can dial 131444 or report to the local police station.


If you don’t know the information of the local police station, you can find it through the following steps:Log inwww.police.vic.gov.au; In the information bar on the left side of the page, click Your Local Police.


Then enter the zip code of your location, click Search, and click the search result to view police station information.

What to bring to the police station

 1、 ID。上面要有你的姓名、年龄、地址。


2、 英语不太流利的,可以带上朋友、律师等帮助你和警方沟通人的联系方式。


3、 帮助警方了解案情的东西,比如证物、照片、视频等。

Police report process

 Go to the front desk of the police station and tell the front desk I want to report a crime, And then wait for the police to meet you.


Then, the police comrade in charge of receiving you will take you to a private room, chat with you about the case, and make a record.


For friends who are not fluent in English, you can apply to the police for an interpreter.


After the exchange is over, the police will tell you that they will investigate the matter, or that you have insufficient evidence to open the case and why.



Under what circumstances should the police call 000?

Prioritizing the matter, you must dial 000 in the following emergency situations:

When someone is injured (injured by robbery, sexual assault, injured in a car accident, fighting, domestic violence); when the suspect is still present but in his own safety (the suspect is still indoors, drinking and making trouble, graffiti damages public property, etc. ); missing children; emergency natural disasters; any time you feel that your safety and the safety of others will be threatened.

In the following situations, you can consider going to the local police station to report the case without dialing 000: 

  • Burglary (the suspect has left);
  • The vehicle was pried and stolen;
  • Received counterfeit money;
  • Internet/phone fraud;
  • Family disputes (no violence);
  • Cell phone/wallet stolen, etc.

The following situations can be observed before considering whether to call the police:

  •  Excessive noise;
  • The vehicle is scratched (no injury to both sides);
  • Neighborhood disputes (no violence);
  • Suspicious persons and vehicles were found.

The police will not accept reports in the following situations:

  •  Commercial dispute
  • Property dispute
  • Any civil disputes.
Why did the police not come for a long time after calling the police?

First, because of the different characteristics of the cases.


When someone dials 000, the operator will immediately divide the case into 1 to 3 levels based on the urgency, and then assign it to the police car that is patrolling in the jurisdiction. The police car then conducts a comprehensive assessment based on the urgency of the case and the existing cases on hand to determine which one to go to the police first.

For example, burglary but the criminals are no longer on the scene. Compared with armed robberies and crowd fights, which are more serious and the criminals are on the scene and even need an ambulance to compare with the "Hot Case", it is definitely necessary to give them concessions.

Second, the police stations have limited resources.


The jurisdiction of a police station in Australia is very large, and 80% of Australia's population is concentrated in capital cities. Because it is a country of immigrants, the rate of population growth is amazing. However, due to the limited allocation of police departments by the state governments, the number of police officers and police cars is far below the reasonable demand.

Taking Melbourne as an example, the ratio of the number of police officers and the number of people is extremely low in the world. Many police officers have already taken over more than 10 cases when they first started working, and new cases are still increasing.

Previously, the Australian media had also reported that during the 20 hours that the Australian media and the police were close to each other, a criminal policeman was busy with various cases almost from morning to night.

Therefore, the Victorian police is not inaction, but is really a little too busy!

What can we usually do

Naturally, we don't need to say more about bringing less cash and showing richness. We still have many details that we haven't noticed.

  • Don’t go down the path, try to walk on the main road with camera surveillance

摄像头也有死角,一些不法分子往往抓住这些漏洞专门等在死角区,比如唐人街ANZ附近和唐人街裡小的laneway 都是死角,以及Melbourne Central 地下Coles门口都是作案高发地点。所以尽量避免这些小路和角落。

  • Do not stare at the phone while walking

Observe your surroundings when walking, and if a suspicious person approaches, go immediately to a place with many pedestrians. Quicken the pace and run if necessary. If the opponent is chasing,Run to the nearest train station, Because the railway station has a protective service officer after 6pm. They dress like police officers, have guns, and are responsible for railway station security.


If unfortunately you are forced to ask for money with a knife, you wear high heels, or your legs are not flexible, don't panic too much. Try to delay time, don't anger the culprits, hand over your belongings, and protect your own safety. When the robbers are removed, find a safe place to report to the police quickly according to the above method!

The editor can only help here, and everything is up to everyone to be careful. Of course, I still hope that everyone is safe and sound~


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