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I don’t know since when, the pace of travel has gradually slowed down. Compared with fast-food-style walking horses and flowers, tourists are more and more inclined to walk slowly in time and carefully taste the unique local customs. Today, the editor wants to introduce to you the train sightseeing trip worth experiencing in each state of Australia. Get on the small train and set off for the unusual!

Travel through millions of years in Ambilight

Kuranda Scenic Train | Queensland


Xiaoqing Station via Kuranda Scenic Train

The tropical rainforest of Queensland is world-famous, and taking a small train through this rainforest will definitely give tourists both romantic and good memories. After leaving Cairns, the train will pass through deep canyons and spectacular waterfalls, and finally arrive at the charming tropical rainforest town of Kuranda. During the 90-minute wonderful journey, visitors can not only appreciate the dense tropical rainforest scenery and the magnificent landscape of North Queensland, but also experience the unique historical and cultural scenery.

Highlights of the itinerary:

More than XNUMX species of flowering plants, more than XNUMX species of tropical rainforest trees, and more than a hundred unique animals live in this million-year-old rainforest. Sitting on the train, visitors will pass by the owners of these rainforests and even have the opportunity to get in touch with them.

Travel tips:

On the outbound journey, visitors can choose to take a vintage Heritage Class to feel the atmosphere of the old days; on the return journey, they can upgrade to the Gold Class for a comfortable travel experience.

Kuranda Scenic RailwayOfficial website:


Cairns Railway Station Address:Bunda Street, Cairns

Enter the wonderful "museum" back to the past slow time

Puffing Billy Railway | Victoria


Let the child be a railway hero

At the beginning of the last century, four low-cost narrow gauge railway lines were built in Victoria. The Puffing Billy Railway was one of them. The current Puffing Billy Railway is not only one of the best-preserved steam train lines in the world, it is a veritable "living" museum, and it is also a highly respected travel route for tourists in Australia. The journey starts at Belgrave Station. After departure, visitors can sit on the windowsill of the train, hang their feet out of the train, drive over a wooden trestle bridge tens of meters high, and then shuttle through picturesque forests, mountains, and all along the way The stylish station arrived at the terminal station Gembrook, which is 24 kilometers away from the starting station, in nearly two hours.

Highlights of the itinerary:

Taking the Puffing Billy Railway train, visitors can not only enjoy the beautiful scenery along the line, but also participate in the themed activities held on the train from time to time, taste exquisite meals, listen to moving music, and let the body and mind completely relax in the slow time. It is also a good choice to take your children to a family trip in Melbourne.

Puffing Billy Railwayofficial website:http://puffingbilly.com.au/en/

Ok this is very tasmanian

West Coast Wilderness Railway | Tasmania


Walking in the wallpaper every minute

Embark on the West Coast Wilderness Railway, which won the Tourism Australia Award, through Tasmania. This 35-kilometer route was once full of copper mines and ran from Queenstown to Strahan. Now, together with the steam locomotives that have preserved their original appearance, tourists will cross high bridges and river valleys covered with dense forests, and stay at the restored original stations along the line. Along the way, knowledgeable local guides will introduce the long history of this railway. In the top class carriages, you can enjoy wine produced in cool weather, fresh local pastries and Tasmanian cheeses, accompanied by first-class carriage service.

Highlights of the itinerary:


Not everyone can be a train driver

Tourists who take this route can wear professional equipment and spend half a day with the train driver and the locomotive boiler worker in the steam locomotive driving room. During this time, tourists will personally participate in the work of the car attendants, and they can also take photos with them.

West Coast Wilderness Railway official website:http://www.wcwr.com.au/

Discover a different blue mountain

Blue Mountains Scenic Railway | New South Wales


Come to the Blue Mountains to have fun

Perhaps everyone has heard about the beauty of the Blue Mountains, but the passenger railway with the largest slope in the world has to be taken by yourself before you can visit the Blue Mountains in vain! The award-winning Blue Mountains Scenic Railway is located in a former coal mining area in the nineteenth century. The glass-topped train will pass through a 310-meter-long cliff tunnel, dive 52 degrees down, and then reach the bottom of Mission Valley-this is the world The railway train with the highest slope has transported more than 2500 million passengers. It is definitely an experience not to be missed in the Blue Mountains.

Highlights of the itinerary:


Speak for your bravery

Tourists can choose different cabins according to their personal circumstances to complete this thrilling journey. Different cockpits naturally have different dive forces. Is it to challenge the "Cliffhanger" angle, or to reach the end casually? Do whatever you want!

Scenic Railway in Blue MountainsOfficial website:http://www.scenicworld.com.au/experience/scenic-railway/

Sing a pastoral song

Inter-age train journey | Capital Territory


Retro vibe

Take a steam or internal combustion engine train, enjoy the tranquil and beautiful countryside scenery, and instantly dream back one hundred years ago! The train will lead tourists across the beautiful Molonglo Gorge, through the pastoral fields that seem to be patched together by pieces of brocade, and many wild animals can be captured along the way. After arriving at Bungendore, tourists have an hour to discover and appreciate the charm of this town, visiting specialty shops, seeing art exhibitions, or sitting down for a cup of coffee.

Highlights of the itinerary:

On the third Sunday of every month, there will be a market in Bungendore town. If you rush to visit this day, you can catch all the local customs. If you choose to travel by night bus, you can completely forget about the hustle and bustle and get a different travel experience.

Historic Railway Tours (Historic Railway Tours)

Address:Burke Crescent, Griffith, Australian Capital Territory, Australia, 2603;official website:https://visitcanberra.com.au/tours/56b23b2cd5f1565045d7fee6/historic-railway-tours

This is an old railway

Cockleshell Train Journey | South Australia


Embark on a journey of picking up cockleshells

Want to revisit the 1887 railway line? The "cockleshell train" in South Australia said: This can be! Why is it called "cockleshell train"? In the early years, there were many cockleshells on the beach near the mouth of the Murray River. The local residents used the horse-drawn train to go to Goolwa to pick up the cockleshells, and this train got its name. The cockleshell train starts at Gulva, and visitors can get on and off at every station along the way. Among them, there is also a history museum at Port Elliot. About 30 minutes after departure, the train will arrive at Victor Harbor station surrounded by pine trees.

Highlights of the itinerary:

During the journey, visitors will appreciate the picturesque scenery of the Fleurieu Peninsula. When traveling in winter, there is a chance to see southern right whales.

The Cockle Train Experienceofficial website:http://www.steamrangerheritagerailway.org/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=3:cockle-train&Itemid=6

Listen to the voice of history

Busselton Trestle Little Train | Western Australia


Rub shoulders with the sea

Leaning on a comfortable seat, take a small train from the Busselton Jetty and slowly drive away from the shore. The weathered wooden bridge piles are accompanied by the surging of the sea and the movement of the small train as if to tell the trestle 150 years of history. Traveling 1.7 kilometers along the peaceful and tranquil Geographe Bay (Geographe Bay), you can see dolphins playing in the water while the local fishermen are busy harvesting.

Highlights of the itinerary:

On the way, you will pass the Beachland Holiday Park, Equinox Restant and Bar, and Mandalay Holiday Resort, where you can eat, drink and play.

Busselton Jetty (Busselton Jetty)

Address:Busselton beachfront (beach end of Queen St), Busselton WA, 6280

Official website:http://www.busseltonjetty.com.au/jetty-train/

Listen to Australia's heartbeat

Gan Train | Northern Territory


Super comfortable Gan train

Take the luxurious Australian "Ghan" train (The Ghan) through the red earth center to the heart of Australia. This kind of itinerary definitely makes the tourists hooked! The "Gan" train is regarded as one of the greatest railway lines in the world. While ensuring the comfort of tourists, it also allows tourists to see the amazing scenery of the Northern Territory. Visitors can enjoy the comfort in the independent carriages and glance out the window at will, which is the magnificent scenery that is constantly changing.

Highlights of the itinerary:

为了保证乘客优质的出行体验,甘号列车近期进行了产品升级。目前,列车上共有“黄金”和“铂金”两种舱位。“黄金舱位”内有3个舒适的座椅,晚上则可以拉伸为卧铺,舱位内还配备有卫生间;而“铂金舱位”简直堪称豪华,它的面积基本上是“黄金舱位”的两倍。而爱丽斯泉作为通向澳大利亚腹地的关隘城镇,它本身也魅力无穷。最新的“甘”号火车行程,可以让遊客在爱丽斯泉停留整整一天:要品尝当地美食还是骑骆驼,要看飞禽表演还是乘坐直升机来一次全景航拍,无论是去爬行动物中心( Reptile Centre),还是历史悠久的爱丽斯泉电报站(The Alice Springs Telegraph Station),时间都变得绰绰有餘啦!


Feel the past rhythm among the hump

This round-trip train between Darwin and Adelaide provides tourists with 4 travel packages, all of which cover the time of a day trip in Alice Springs:

1.   达尔文-阿德莱德,4天3夜

2.   阿德莱德-达尔文,3天4夜

3.   达尔文-爱丽斯泉(Alice Springs),2天1夜

4.   阿德莱德-爱丽斯泉,2天1夜

No matter which set meal you choose, visitors can enjoy delicious meals and excellent service.

The Ghan (The Ghan)official website:http://gsr-china.com/

There is such a saying that the train is like a time machine. Everywhere it passes is the past, and everywhere it leads is the future. Let tourists take this time machine and explore the beauty!


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