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It’s tea time again~ Today, I will give you an article about where to drink afternoon tea. It’s not a place for casual desserts~ You can make appointments with friends and family to enjoy the elegant and slow tea time~


The Waiting Room-Crown

Crown’s The Waiting Room, the place is not big, the light is dark, but it is a good place to talk. Some exquisite pastries, traditional and refreshing finger sandwiches are served on the three-tier silver snack tower, and homemade scones and sorbets are all worth trying.

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Location: Crown Towers lobby, Ground Floor

Time: 12:00pm – 5:00pm every day

Price: from $55 per person

Phone: 0392925777


The Hotel Windsor

Melbourne's veteran five-star hotel Hotel Windsor has been providing guests with absolutely traditional and authentic English afternoon tea since 1883. Many British royals who come to Melbourne definitely choose Hotel Windsor's High tea. A dessert buffet will be provided on weekends. It is very pleasing to let you who love to eat sweets enjoy it all at once, and all kinds of small desserts are not too sweet. In addition, the freshly baked scone is also something Windsor has always been proud of~

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You can also enjoy the laid-back style of the Windsor Hotel there. This five-star hotel in Melbourne is the only remaining grand hotel in Australia as a Commonwealth country that retains Victorian architecture and cultural features. The Windsor Hotel organically blends Victorian architectural culture with the surrounding environment and scenery. The old houses are worth seeing, especially the layered green escalators, the old-fashioned elevators that have been disabled, and the exquisite porcelain used for afternoon tea.

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Location: 111 Spring Street, Melbourne

Time: 12:00pm, 2:30pm

Price: $69 per person from Monday to Friday, $89 per person on Saturday and Sunday

Phone: 03 9633 ​​6004

Official website:http://www.thehotelwindsor.com.au/diningandbar_7-en.html

Sofi's Lounge-Sofitel

As one of the most luxurious hotels in Australia, you can taste modern cuisine in the No 35 restaurant (No 35) in the hotel, drink world-famous cocktails in The Atrium Bar on the 35th floor, and enjoy it in the Sofi's Lounge. Hearty afternoon tea here.

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Afternoon tea is located in Sofitel's lounge. The atmosphere here is very elegant, with natural lighting system and constantly changing art exhibits. Guests can make afternoon tea more stylish in an elegant environment.

Location: 25 Collins Street, Melbourne

Time: 2:30pm

Price: $49 per person from Monday to Friday, $80 per person on Saturday and Sunday

Phone: 03 9653 0000

Official website: www.sofitel-melbourne.com.au/restaurant/sofis-lounge

Chocolate Bar Afternoon Tea-Langham Hotel

The High tea at The Langham Hotel is also very popular among Melbourneans, and is based on three-tiered traditional afternoon tea full of British feelings. If you have never tasted English afternoon tea, you must experience the ingenuity and aristocracy of traditional English afternoon tea.

They also offer a chocolate buffet! Chocolate fountain! Rock chocolate, panna cotta, nut butter cake, popcorn fudge! It sounds delicious. (I just want to build a chocolate world in my stomach) The English afternoon tea at The Langham Hotel is based on three-tier traditional afternoon tea full of British feelings.

Location: 1 Southgate Avenue, Southbank, Melbourne, Victoria 3006, Australia


Monday to Friday: $54-59 per person

Saturday and Sunday: Adult $75; Child $37.5

Time: Monday to Friday 10:30~16:30

周六和周日 12:00~14:00; 14:30~16:30

Phone: 03 8696 8888

Official website:http://melbourne.langhamhotels.com.au/aria-prices-oct-2013.html

The Mansion Hotel

If you want to take a short trip, come to Werribe and try the English afternoon tea at the Mansion Hotel. Of course, the most important thing is not only the afternoon tea here, but also the traditional Victorian architecture and luxurious interior decorations are worth a cup of afternoon tea.

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Apart from the classic British refreshments, Mansion Hotel is most famous for cocktails infused with tea.

Location: Gate 2 Werribee Park, K Rd, Werribee South, VIC 3030

Time: the last Sunday of every month 14:00~16:00

Price: $80 per person

Phone: 03 9731 4000

Official website:http://www.lancemore.com.au/mansion-hotel-and-spa/restaurants.html

Tea Room-NGV

There are not only orthodox English afternoon tea, but also new and innovative refreshments~! Of course, if you love champagne, these delicious pastries are also a good choice~~The tea room hidden in the NGV (National Gallery of Art) seems to blend in with the artwork. After watching the exhibition, come to this tea room to gather for a cup of tea. English breakfast is also served here.

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Location: Level1, National Gallery of Victoria, 180 St Kilda Rd, Melbourne, VIC

Phone: (03) 86202222

Official website:https://www.ngv.vic.gov.au/visit/dining/#tea-room

Om Nom-Adelphi Hotel

On a sunny afternoon, it's best to drink some champagne and some delicate snacks! The refreshing and bright environment makes people feel better~~ A great place for young couples to date~ Remember to surprise your girlfriend!

Location: Adelphi Hotel, 187 Flinders Lane, Melbourne, VIC

Time: 10am-5pm every day

Phone: (03) 80808827

Official website:https://www.ngv.vic.gov.au/visit/dining/#tea-room

Memoir High Tea

This Tea Room will first be attracted by the eye-catching red interior; gorgeous red velvet home decoration. I dare not imagine that such a blatant display of desire can bring surprises to diners. The chocolates sold in the store’s front cabinet are also a major feature. In short, a drama-filled afternoon tea restaurant, how about taking your "Drama Queen" heart to be a bit curious?

640-713 640-714
Location: 153 Johnston St, Collingwood.

Time and price: 10am-5pm Wednesday to Friday $65 per person, Saturday and Sunday $75 per person

电话: 0420 894 228

Official website:https://mamorchocolates.com/

Seared ferries-high tea on the high seas

Searoad ferry travels to and from the two most popular travel destinations around Melbourne (queenscliff and sorrento) every day. Don’t look at it as a small cruise ship, but a world-class cruise ship with all the facilities on board. It will pass 14 times along the way. Attractions. Connecting the two most historic towns in Victoria, the collision of humanity and natural beauty. There are often opportunities to see dolphins and whales on the road!

In addition to the beautiful scenery along the way, the most popular one is high tea on the high seas. Eating food and enjoying the beautiful scenery. Every Sunday from February to mid-December is an English afternoon tea day. $2 per person, including afternoon tea and return boat tickets. People who are ps seasick should not try as well.


Depart at Sorrento 11am

Depart at Queenscliff 2pm

Time: Every Sunday from February to mid-November

Appointment official website: http://www.searoad.com.au/high-tea/

Cinema Nova High Tea

It’s hard to imagine that you can watch a movie while having afternoon tea. Nova Boutique Lounge gives you a chance. Although their home may be a bit smaller than ordinary movie theaters, the exquisite desserts are very popular with girls. Such inspiration comes from the golden age of film and theater construction in the 20s-30s. Each lounge chair has its own small table, and all kinds of snacks can be eaten while watching.

640-717 640-718
Address: 380 Lygon St, Carlton.

Price: $45-65 per person (including movie tickets) Saturday and Sunday afternoon

Official website:http://www.cinemanova.com.au/type-deluxe.php


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