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In other words, when girls see reptiles, especially the huge ones, they have long been scared to death...

however,The girl below actually dared to catch the lizard with her bare hands,Also dragged it all the way out of the restaurant!

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A few days ago, a restaurant in NSW welcomed an unexpected guest—A big lizard 2 meters long!


(A common monitor lizard in Australia-the picture comes from the Internet)

But what is even more dumbfounding is that a waitress is not afraid, calmly holding the lizard's tail with her hand, and dragging it out of the restaurant with a smile!


The woman's name is Samia Lila, 25 years old, French nationality. At first, the lizard climbed into the restaurant and passed by Lila.She thought it was a dog and didn't care much.But then,She heard customers screaming,I found it was a monitor lizard!

Lila stepped forward and grabbed the lizard's tail with her bare hands.


Drag it all the way out of the restaurant!


Subsequently, this video was posted online and viewed hundreds of thousands of times. Netizens praised her as a brave hero.She is also called the "Monitor Girl".


A netizen commented:"The boss should give her a salary increase,She did not hesitate to protect the guests,It's so brave. "


Lila said:"I thought it was a dog at first,Later I discovered that it was a monitor lizard.I am not afraid at all,I like reptiles, so I am a little bit excited. "

Beauty, the editor respects you as a man! However, you may really need to find someone with a pair of glasses, otherwise, why would you see such a big lizard as a dog? !

News compiled from "Daily Mail"


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