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Recently, an agency in Western Australia has publicly sold a village. The village is surrounded by trees and has complete facilities. More importantly, the price is still very affordable.

In other words, everyone may have had an emperor dream.

Want to own a place inAll the noodles are yours,The residents inside are self-sufficient, live and work in peace,It is like a paradise, a small country of happiness.


Do you think all this is impossible in reality?

Then I tell you,Everything is possible!

recent,There is a village for sale in Western Australia.

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Moreover, the price in this village is very affordable,

A rough estimate may be only 100 million Australian dollars!

Yes, with 100 million Australian dollars, you can own a village of your own.

Dress it up well and live the addiction of being a village chief.

This villageLocated in Tone River in Lake Muir, Western Australia.

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Sold by LJ Hooker intermediary.

The village is surrounded by forest,The environment is beautiful with shades of green trees.

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It's like a peach blossom source.

Inside the villageThere are a total of 20 cottages, each of which can house 6-10 people.


3 of the cottagesThere are also facilities for the disabled.

In addition to having a house,The noodle facilities are so complete that you don't believe it!

Not onlyOffice, city hall, workshopAnd other administrative regions.


And there isTennis and volleyball courts, swimming pools and other sports venues.

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In addition to moreWind and rain barbecue field, promenade.

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Actually this landThere was a period before.

In 1949, the village was built around a timber factory.


Gradually, this village has experiencedThe stage of the school.


This year, it has slowly developed intoSports camp, a camp to experience natureand many more.


In 2004, the village announced its closure.

After the closure, the village was leased to a private company.

Except for routine maintenance, the company has not changed the facilities much.


untilIn December 2016, the village was sold again.

so far,More than 50 bosses have developed a keen interest in this village.

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a lot ofChurch groups, charity organizations, and rehabilitation centers have already begun to compete for this village.

Such a small world, if you buy it and build it into a small kingdom in your mind, it is actually quite fun. It's a pity that the editor is poor and can't spend 100 million Australian dollars. It's a rare experience in life to have lived as a village head!

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