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Recently, a batch of emails were exposed by the media, exposing the ugly workplace culture of Melbourne Metro.


A male driving trainer urinates in front of the female trainee driver during the ability assessment. Later, the trainee was reportedly fired because of a mistake, but the male supervisor did not receive any criticism or punishment;

When dissatisfied with a colleague, Metro employees will vent their way through graffiti on your car, and someone writes threats and insults to their dissatisfied colleague on the wall of the bathroom;


Another manager who lives along the railway was crowded out and harassed by the train drivers. They would deliberately sound the sirens when driving the train past his house in the early morning;

There are also some train drivers who will deliberately park the car a few meters away from the predetermined position of the station so that they can peek at the bottom of the skirts of female passengers. This happens especially in some bustling areas with more passengers, and it is said that especially Flinders The position of the escalator entrance on platform 2 of the railway station, especially in the morning and morning.


Other disclosures include:

Male drivers will make a lot of pornographic, explicit and offensive remarks to female employees;

If a female driver wants to blend in, she must "become not too serious, or even like a tomboy (outrageous, let go)";

Some of the practices of the training department make everyone think that hiring women is just to make up the number (to complete the employment target? Convenient to tease?); since 2009, the proportion of women in Melbourne Metro drivers has increased from 2% to 16%.

The above information comes from the results of a 15-year-experienced former senior police officer investigating Metro’s toxic culture such as workplace harassment and gender discrimination disclosed in multiple emails, showing that the team is full of ethical behaviors.


At present, this is a very headstrong, strike-loving, highly paid team, but still clamoring for salary increases. After the strikes last year and last year, now Melbourne train drivers can earn up to a year14.36 million Australian dollars, The annual salary of ticket inspectors and station service staff can rise to 98797 Australian dollars, not including pensions. They earn more than most jobs in Australia you can think of, such as deputy mayor of Melbourne ($90081), senior firefighter ($95000), senior police officer ($104500).

Metro said they will not publish the investigation report. Jacques Liebenberg, head of human resources and performance management, said that in the future, education and training will be taken to eliminate these misconducts within the company.

News compiled from "The Age"


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