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Following the launch of a new version of the Australian dollar banknote in September last year, the Federal Reserve Bank of Australia also unveiled theNew version of 10 Australian dollar banknotesThe true face of Lushan.

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Look, it looks like this:


Have you seen any differences?

First of all, like the old version, the new 10-knife note still has blue as the main color.

The positive person is stillThe famous Australian poet AB'Banjo' Paterson (1864-1941), The background is the scene described in his famous long poem "The Man From Snowy River", and the entire poem by Banjo Paterson is printed in miniature text, which is hailed as the hymn of the Australian spirit.

This poem has also been adapted into a movie by Hollywood twice, literally translated"Man from Snow River", 1982 version starring Kirk Douglas. And the spectacle of cowboy galloping depicted in this poem became the opening scene of the 2000 Sydney Olympics. Don't forget to look for it with a magnifying glass after you get it.


New front


The new positive poem "The Man from Snowy River"


Old front

And the figure on the back is stillDame Mary Gilmore, a famous female writer and feminist fighter in Australian history (1865-1962)She was the first woman or queeness in Australia and the first writer to hold a state funeral after her death.

One of her poems is also printed in miniature text on the back of the new edition-"No Foe Shall Gather Our Harvest" (the enemy is not allowed to snatch our fruit). I think Lady Gilmore will definitely like the new version, and it looks a lot more foreign than the old version after repair.


The back of the new version


The poem on the back of the new version "No Foe Shall Gather Our Harvest"


Back of the old version

Difference: Improved anti-counterfeiting level

Like the new version of the 5 dollar bill, the new version of the 10 dollar bill also uses a vertical transparent belt that runs through the entire bill from top to bottom.

Many three-dimensional holographic patterns are designed on the transparent belt. These patterns can produce dazzling optical effects with the change of people’s viewing angle, which greatly increases the difficulty of forgery.This is also the unique anti-counterfeiting technology in the world.
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A person in charge of the Federal Reserve Bank of Australia said, "Our biggest purpose of updating banknotes is to improve anti-counterfeiting technology and reduce the occurrence of counterfeiting."

In addition, the new version of 10-dollar banknotes also uses the blind spot added for the first time on the new version of 5-dollar banknotes, which is convenient for blind people to identify banknotes of different denominations (5 dollars has one blind spot and 10 dollars has two).


At the same time, the most cutting-edge printing technology can ensure that these two raised points will not be flattened after being rolled by hand.Australia is also one of the few countries that can use this technology.


In addition, the new banknote family will display a native Australian acacia tree and bird on each denomination of banknotes. Last year, the five-dollar banknote displayed the Moses acacia and the eastern beak honey bird. 5 Australian dollars showsRaspberry acacia

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Sulphur-crested cockatoo

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The editor remembers that after the launch of the five-dollar banknote last year, it was once dismissed by various Australian netizens to the point that they were incomplete:

"What's on this new version of banknotes? Is it vomit?"


"What kind of vomit, is it obviously E. coli!"


"Don't doubt that the blue vertical transparent band is also a major feature of the new version of banknotes!"


But this year, the direction of the wind has changed suddenly, and most netizens even said that they like the new 10-knife banknote very much.

"I actually like the appearance of the new banknotes, and it's not as ugly as most of the government-launched notes, which is quite surprising."


"We are upgrading the banknotes bit by bit, improving the anti-counterfeiting technology again and again, and the new banknotes have made it more convenient for blind people to use it. Why would anyone think it is bad?"


"I like Australian banknotes very much. Our banknotes are the best-looking in the world! Moreover, they are not broken like banknotes from other countries. What's better is that blind people can recognize different denominations. So everyone , Stop criticizing, at least we can still see what the new version of banknotes is like, and blind people can only touch it."


"Australian banknotes are the best. Even if they are washed in a washing machine, they will not break, unlike other banknotes."


I really like the appearance of the new version of banknotes, and it also adds blind spots to help blind people identify different denominations. Good job!


"I don't care what they look like. The most important thing is that these new versions of banknotes allow blind people to tell the amount so they won't be cheated again."


"Although it looks a little different from the old version, it is a bit strange, but as long as the degree of anti-counterfeiting is higher, then I show my support with both hands!"


Of course, some netizens said:

"Stop changing the appearance of the banknotes! They are just as good as they are."


"Don't change it, because the new version of banknote slot machines won't accept it at all."


"These new versions of banknotes are really annoying, because parking meters are not charged at all!!!"


"So, before changing to a new version of banknotes, the government needs to upgrade the machines, such as Miki, vending machines, etc."


As for whether the appearance is good or not, I think a netizen made a very reasonable point:

Money is money, as long as it can be spent for $10, who cares whether it looks good or not!


It is reported that the new 10-dollar banknote will be officially issued in September this year, while the old 9-dollar banknote can still be used legally.


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