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Everyone knows that Australia Post is an unloved national express company.

It covers a wide area and can be delivered anywhere. However, the service and efficiency are not so high. From time to time, things will be lost, or the courier may skip your home and put things in the Post Office for you to pick up.

However, even so, the CEO of Post can still get a salary of $560 million a year.Among them, $120 million is a bonus to last year's performance!(I.e.


It is said that this information was released because of the decision passed by the Senate, which rejected Australia Post's hiding of CEO salary and bonus. Australia Post is afraid that when this information is disclosed, it will have a bad effect on the public.


However, it has now been exposed and can no longer be hidden.

Moreover, the first person who had a lot of words about the salary of Australia Post's CEO was Australia's Prime Minister Sugar Po 👇

Mr Turnbull, who is paid $507,338 a year, said he had told Australia Post chairman John Stanhope he believed the salary was too high.


The prime minister’s salary is only more than $50 a year, but your Australian Post CEO’s salary is 10 times that of others? !

Tang Bao kindly expressed his opinion on the salary of Australia Post CEO:


"I know it's a big job, it's a big company…the company has been able to improve its position but my view, and I say this as someone who spent most of his life in the business world before I came into politics, I think it's a very big salary for that job."

Although this is a big position in a big company, in general, I think the salary for this position is too high😂


A spokesperson for Australia Post said:

Before seeing the salary of our CEO, we must consider that the entire Australia Post under his leadership is very large and very complicated.The annual turnover is more than $60 billion.

But do you think that the salary of the CEO alone is exaggerated?

Australia Post also has 5 presidents whose salaries are between $130-$180 million per year! Australia Post once wanted to keep this information confidential. If it did not release it to the public, it was afraid of causing public dissatisfaction and affecting the image of the company.

Now, since this information was exposed, Australian netizens have condemned:


This is why we have to pay 1 yuan for postage but have third world services.


I estimate that if you advertise this job with an annual salary of 100 million, you will find many better people to apply.


The management of the entire Australia Post needs to be changed. The way they treat workers is appalling.


This is a government worker, so it is paid by the taxpayer. Not only does he get a high salary, he also hires his family with a high salary. If I were a senior, I would find someone with a lower salary, and there would be a lot of qualified people out there who could do the job without having to pay such an ridiculously high salary.


When I worked in the 80s, if an employee had such a poor performance, he would have been demoted or fired a long time ago, and he would have to get a bonus. It was a joke for us taxpayers.


So he has an annual salary of 440 million and gets another 120 million in bonuses...no wonder we are in debt


It takes me 20 years to earn his bonus...I haven't counted his salary yet, greedy!

Anyway, paper can’t contain the fire. Australia Post’s CEO gets an annual salary of $560 million, but the quality and speed of service have not improved. It’s strange that netizens don’t scold me!

News compiled from "The Age"


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