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Where do you want to travel in the new year? Why don't you go to the Northern Territory? In the Northern Territory, apart from the already announced extension of the "Wild Starlight" light installation art exhibition, there will be many activities in 2017! Come and see with us what else you have to see in the Northern Territory!

Colorfulness in the wilderness Northern Territory


Rare Northern Territory scenery

The Northern Territory, located in the north-central part of the Australian continent, is a territory directly under the Australian Federal Government and one of Australia's two inland territories. The Northern Territory is listed by the US "National Geographic" as one of the 51 must-visit travel destinations in a lifetime.



Listen to Uluru telling stories from the past

Speaking of the Northern Territory, Uluru is a big rock that is absolutely inevitable! Uluru, also known as Ayres Rock, is 348 meters high and has a circumference of over 9 kilometers. It is the largest single rock in the world. The aboriginal Ananas have lived around it for thousands of years. It is not only a geological wonder, but also has a very important cultural and historical significance.


Feel the speed and passion in the open

There are many ways to play in Uluru. Visitors can take a helicopter, jump on a camel, walk along the trail, or get on a Harley motorcycle... to experience its different beauty and magnificence.

Event calendar

  From May 5 to 26, Uluru will usher in a grand ceremony of inland customs——Uluru Camel Cup. Visitors can head to the Inland Pioneer Bar to enjoy live music and dance while analyzing the battle situation and placing bets on the camel. There are not only animal whip demonstrations, wheelbarrow races, children's sack races, camel dung throwing races and other events suitable for the whole family to watch. There are also special children's clubs and inland style markets around the track. On Sunday, visitors can participate in the inland dance party under the bright starry sky, enjoy Australian-style barbecue and exquisite snacks, and draw a successful conclusion to the wonderful weekend.


Uluru Camel Cup Grand Tour

  7 month 29 day,Australian Outback MarathonWill fire in Uluru! Runners from all over the world can choose to participate in the full marathon, half marathon, 11km run or 6km run, and enjoy the joy of running while enjoying the magnificent scenery of Uluru and Kata Tjuta.


Run into the beauty

How to get there:The Ayers Rock Resort Airport (AYQ) near Uluru has flights to and from Sydney (SYD) and Melbourne (MEL). In addition, there are also intra-provincial routes connecting Alice Springs (ASP), which is convenient for connecting with other itineraries. At the same time, due to the special road conditions in the red soil center, it is generally only recommended that tourists with four-wheel drive self-driving experience rent a four-wheel drive for self-driving.

Booking tips:For sightseeing in Uluru, the preferred accommodation is Ayers Rock Resort, which offers 3 to 5 stars different types of hotels and apartments, but please make sure to book in advance.

Alice Springs

Alice Springs Camel Road

Alice Springs is a city surrounded by red earth deserts. Although there are not many high-rise buildings and prosperous alleys, the tranquility and warmth here attract many tourists. Visitors can stroll through the Olive Pink Botanical Garden, go to the Alice Springs Gallery to experience aboriginal culture, and enjoy the sunset at Ansha Mountain, which is also one of the important towns on the self-driving route to Uluru.

Event calendar

▶  From April 4th to 15th, visitors in Alice Springs can reap the joy of Easter andLiceites Easter Alice Springs Mountain Bike CollectionWonderful experience! The terrain of Alice Springs can be described as a natural mountain bike track: the blue sky and white clouds are set against the winding mountains and the continuous desert. Come here to feel the real joy of sports!


Enjoy riding

  From June 6th to June 9th, Australia is second to noneFunk Desert Cross Country, Visitors will see the "off-road" Alice Springs. By then, bikes, cars, and desert racing masters from all over the world will gather here. In more than two days of races, it is estimated that 500 bicycles and 90 desert racing cars will compete on this challenging circuit from Alice Springs to the small town of Aputula.


Wild and exciting events

  June 6-June 23, hard to find elsewhereAlice Springs Felt Hat Festival. More than 4000 felt hats will be displayed in the Araluen Cultural Precinct in Alice Springs. Music, refreshments, handmade activities, live weaving performances by indigenous artists... will definitely make visitors feel the most unique festival atmosphere in Australia, and the admission fee only needs to donate a gold coin.


Alice Springs Felt Hat Festival-Redefining the Hat

  8月11日-8月14日,4天4段式的越野跑比赛——Lale Pinta, Held on the most iconic Lale Pinta path in Alice Springs Macdonald Mountains. Feel the vitality and rhythm of life on the rolling track, and enjoy the spectacular beauty of the McDonnell Mountains.


Run free in the red center

▶  August 8-August 17, yesRed Clay Center Bird Watching Festival. The birds either hid behind the hyena sting or flew over the pool, just waiting to meet the tourists. Participate in the bird watching trekking or bird watching contest, listen to the gentle singing of various birds, and feel the freedom and happiness of nature.


"Hi, how was your day?"

▶  On August 8, no experience is requiredTodd River Rowing Race. This is a land boat race held on the dry bed of the Todd River, where people used light-weight materials such as cardboard and PVC pipes to imitate the hull. This game aroused all the wild nature of the inland people. Some people used sand shovel to paddle a canoe, some dragged the bottomless bathtub to run wildly, some were sitting on a surfboard being pulled forward by teammates, and lifeguards drowned "Sand" people dragged out of the sand.

  From August 8th to September 28rd, the grand event of art——Alice Springs Desert Festival. As a grand event of contemporary art, it brings together dancers and musicians from the most remote Aboriginal communities and incorporates Australia's best contemporary theater. Dynamic, innovative and meaningful content will surely make visitors feel touched.


Feel the agility of art

  September 9st-September 1rd, belongs to Fast and FuriousClay Center Sports Car Race. In the event, there are passionate duels of soaring cars and sparks, as well as turf driving and street parades. Children under 13 can participate in all activities for free. Why not recommend tourists to bring their children to listen to the roar of the sports car engine?


Experience speed and passion

How to get there:In addition to taking a flight to Alice Springs (ASP), another uniquely Australian way is to take the legendary retro luxury train "Gan" from Darwin on the northern tip of the Australian mainland or from Adelaide on the southern tip. You can reach Alice Springs.



Darwin night view

As the capital city of the Northern Territory, Darwin is not only an important port city, but also the capital city with the youngest average age in Australia. The vibrant immigration culture here allows new immigrants from all over Southeast Asia to live in harmony with the locals, forming a rich and diverse culture. Darwin has aquariums, museums, war museums and other attractions. It is also an important port for departures to tropical wetlands such as Kakadu National Park.

Event calendar

  From August 8th to August 10th, the highly anticipatedDarwin Festival. This festival lasts for 18 days. By then, the whole city will be in a happy, friendly and relaxed festival atmosphere. Tourists can enjoy various performances such as music, drama, dance, movies, concerts and so on. More event details will be updated on the official website from,Please pay attention.


See the world through art

How to get there:In addition to Australia's domestic flights, there are open flights from Darwin to ports in Southeast Asia (such as Singapore and Manila), allowing you to explore more international flight transfer options.Booking tips:In addition to attending the Darwin Festival in Darwin, you can also go to Kakadu National Park to explore more.


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