A rich Muslim who pretended to be poor for 18 years, cheated for subsidies and returned to public housing! My husband earns millions of Australian dollars every year...

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Life depends on acting. As long as the acting skills are good enough, the government will be fooled by you.

According to 7 News,A Sydney man named Rebecca Khodragha has been able to live in public housing and enjoy government benefits by pretending to be a poor single mother for 18 years.
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But what are the facts?

In fact, Rebecca is not a poor single mother, but a "rich wife"! Her husband has an annual income of one million Australian dollars, and there are two properties under their names.


Rebecca got married in 1991, but she and her husband were not registered and only performed a Muslim wedding ceremony. Since 1999, Rebecca has been assigned to a public house in Punchbowl, southwestern Sydney (pictured below) under the name of "single mother".


However, Rebecca’s husband owns a business in contracting electrical appliances.Annual income of up to 1 million Australian dollars.

After living in public housing, the two also began to receive housing subsidies.

But the two of them have two other properties, an apartment in Lakemba and a villa in Greenacre.


(One of the properties owned by Mr. and Mrs. Rebecca)

The couple also have two sons...

"They not only deceived taxpayers, but also those who really need help!" said Paul Vevers, a spokesperson for Housing NSW.



(One of the properties owned by Mr. and Mrs. Rebecca)

According to 7News,There are currently 6 people in NSW waiting to live in public housing. Some of them need to wait 10 years before they can live.

Related department data show,From 2010 to 2016, several public housing fraud incidents were detected, with the amount of fraud up to 880 million Australian dollars. among them40%The incident occurred in the Greater Western Sydney area.

Vevers said they will recover all the benefits they had previously enjoyed from Rebecca, which is expected to reach tens of thousands of Australian dollars.


Rebecca has been detained for three months for two frauds. The court's final trial will also be announced.

What kind of acting can actually deceive the government for 18 years? With such a great acting skill and such a cheeky, I just want to tell this aunt, the world owes you an Oscar!

News compiled from "7 News"


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