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According to "The Age" report, this morning, a plane crashed into a DFO building near Melbourne's Essendon Airport, causing a serious explosion.

The Victorian government confirmed that all five passengers on board were killed. According to reports, the pilot issued two distress signals during the landing.

The remains of two passengers have been found in the wreckage of the plane, and the remains of the other three passengers are still being searched. It is also believed that there were no casualties on the ground and the DFO mall will be closed for an additional hour.

Although the accident caused a fire in the building, the fire was under control at around 10.30 in the morning.

Fairfax Media reported that the plane was scheduled to fly to King Island. The five passengers on board went to the island to play golf. The original plan was to arrive on the island this morning. King Island has the best golf courses in Australia. Its two golf courses, Cape Wickham and Ocean Dunes, are the first and second most popular golf courses in Australia. The Mayor of King Island issued a statement stating that he is very concerned about the safety of all persons involved, but at this stage there is no further information to provide.

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It can be seen from the picture that thick black smoke is emerging from the building.

The Flight Radar 24 APP shows the flight route of the crash:


The Victoria Continental Rescue Agency (Vic Roads) said that the Tullamarine Expressway, including the slopes entering the expressway, has been blocked.

The Calder Highway between McNamara Avenue and Bell Avenue has been closed in both directions.

Bulla Street has also been closed when entering the highway.

The accident caused serious traffic congestion in the area, and commuters had to look for other roads.

Vic Roads recommends that drivers leave the Tullamarine highway as early as possible and stay away from the area.

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Police Minister Lisa Neville said the plane accident would seriously affect the DFO.

Lisa said that the plane was a charter flight to Kings Insland with five passengers on board.

Currently, the police are further determining the number of casualties in the DFO mall, and emergency ambulance personnel have rushed to rescue them now.


The specific number of casualties is not yet clear...

In addition, the DFO shopping mall near Melbourne Airport, due to the earlier accident,There is no news of casualties in the mall.The specific casualty data will not be determined until the rescue work is over.


The black smoke rising from the place of the incident can be seen in the distance


Victorian police said: there were five passengers on the crashed plane

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First responders have arrived at Essendon Airport.


At present, the police and firefighters have basically controlled the fire.until now,The two-way lanes to Tullamarine Airport are closed!

Please avoid the area where the incident occurred.Give the road to the police and rescuers.

News compiled from "The Age"


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