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Some people say that your temperament hides the books you have read and the roads you have traveled. Therefore, you must travel or read. There must be one on the road.


In fact, in Australia, a country that places great emphasis on reading, libraries of all sizes can be found everywhere, and you never have to worry about not having books to read.

Not only does each school have its own dedicated library, but each community also has a community library with a wealth of books.


Moreover, in order to encourage everyone to read, Australia will hold a variety of exciting reading activities every year, from the school’s “parent-child book club” to the community “reading week”. They encourage everyone to read more in a variety of ways. Travel the book sea and feel the rich spiritual world.


Recently, another similar event is being carried out all over Australia. It is"Street libraries".


The so-called "street library" is actually a "mini library" placed in the front yard of the house.


This kind of library does not need to apply for a card, do not need to return books, and there are no regulations. You only need to put your own collection in a wooden box and share it with everyone.

Neighbors, friends, or passers-by, as long as they are interested, they can bring a copy back to read.


After reading it, you can return the book, lend it to others, and take out a book of your own, put it in it, and share it with others.


Compared with those public libraries, this kind of street library is obviously more convenient. On the way to school, on the way from get off work, or when walking around, you can take a book home with you.


Also, don't look at the few books in it, but the update is very fast. Basically every one or two weeks, all the books in it will change completely.


Such a library that is always on the move is like a treasure box full of magic. Every time, it can create a whole new world for you!


There are also many elementary and middle schools that have joined this activity. They hope to encourage children to read more and feel the joy of reading in this way.


This kind of "street library" was initiated in 2015, and there are currently about 150 in Australia.

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However, the initiator of the project believes that one day, its number will surpass public libraries and become the most convenient reading source for everyone.


Netizens in Australia not only welcome this kind of creative library, but they also published their own "street library".

Netizen Kylie Macdonald:

I live in Killara, NSW, this is our "street library". Since having it, my children have had more reading opportunities. Yesterday, another passerby thanked me for bringing precious spiritual wealth to the entire community.


Netizen Susan Prior:

My family lives in Chelmer, and I gave my library a name called "mighty fine book swap". It has been in my front yard intact for 3 years. Since having it, I like reading more.


Netizen Jill Gorrie:

This is my "street library" in Port Macquarie. It not only enriched my spiritual world, but also brought a lot of joy to others. Children like to open the door and choose a book they like to read. I think the more such street libraries, the better!


Netizen Sharon Hayes:

My family lives in Kingsvill, Victoria. This is the "street library" that my family will build soon.


Netizen Kate Jones:

This is my "street library" in Port Macquarie. My neighbors and I like it very much.


Netizen Vicki Harding:

My family lives in Earlwood, this is my "street library". Although the books inside are often exchanged, but never less, I can read different books every day.


Netizen Cath Mok:

My family lives in Deepdene, Victoria. This is my "street library". This kind of creativity is really great, and it opens up a whole new world for us!


Netizen Jenny Hartican:

A small town at the southernmost tip of Southport, Tasmania, Australia has such a "street library", it is amazing!


Some netizens, although they did not build a "street library", all said:

This kind of creativity must be a big praise! I think we can also set up such a library in the waiting room of the local doctor so that we can read books while waiting without delay.


I have seen several such libraries in the front yard of other people's houses. I plan to build one myself. This will not only send out the extra books in our family, but also enhance the relationship between neighbors. Is there a better opening statement than a discussion book?


I have never heard of a street library before, but I think this idea is awesome! I like the feeling of building a community together. In today's society, everyone is becoming more and more alienated. Therefore, it is great to narrow the distance between everyone through this form.


I have seen this kind of street library in Europe and North America. At the time, I thought this kind of creativity was great, but I didn't expect it to be available in Australia. In the past, the books that everyone didn't want were donated to charitable organizations, but now everyone can take them out and share them with others.


我喜欢澳大利亚。这是一个尽一切努力,鼓励大家读书,保持内心纯净、精神丰富的国家。有朝一日, 我一定要去澳大利亚。

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In fact, as this netizen said, Australia is a country that advocates reading, and it also organizes various activities to encourage everyone to read more.


Since last year, two girls in Melbourne have launched an event called "Books on the Rail", calling on everyone to leave a book on Melbourne’s subway and buses for other passengers to discover and read , And then passed the book to the next passenger, still relaying.


You can also attach a note to the book, write down your reading experience, and share it with strangers. It feels like a drifting bottle, with a little bit of romance.


The two girls hope that in this way, everyone can regain their interest in reading and make more people fall in love with reading.


Some people may ask, what is the use of reading so many books? It can neither bring you wealth, fame, or status, nor will it change your ordinary life? This question, I think, the blind Argentine writer Borges can tell us the answer.



The blind Argentine writer Borges once said: "God gave me a vast sea of ​​books and a pair of invisible eyes. Even so, I still secretly imagined that heaven should be like a library."

I always believe that all the books I have read will not be read in vain. It will always help me perform better on a certain occasion in the future. Reading can give people strength and it can give people more happiness!


So, when you see such a magical book treasure box on the streets and alleys of Australia, when you see a surprise drifting book in the subway of Melbourne, you may as well open them and pass them on. This is your noisy but virtual online world. The inner strength that can't be found here is also the little cuteness of Australia!


News compiled from "ABC News"


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