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We take one bite every day. Is Australia really native? Going through instagram, I found that basic models and some small accessories can also wear high street style. A small watch can greatly enhance your temperament. The following recommends local Australian watch brands to make you stand out from passers-by in minutes. Australian watches actually Most of the designs are simple and stylish, but they still respond to the sentence:less is more!

Very suitable for friends who like minimalist style and cold style

I believe that when it comes to watches, everyone’s first reaction is Switzerland, but in fact, the workmanship of Australian watches is also very good, and it has a sense of design, which is very attractive to young people with accent in appearance. Here are ten local Australian watch brands, which are very suitable whether they are worn by themselves or as gifts. Considering souvenirs, of course there areA high-end watch for the eldersSuitable for recommendation hahaha!

Barbas and Zacari

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Clean color scheme, minimalist dial, delicate and beautiful watches. This is a Melbourne local watch brand, the brand name comes from two young male designers Tas Zacari and Barbas Emmanuel. This is also a very caring brand. The two boys are committed to supporting the Australian Cancer Fund and donate 5 Australian dollars for every watch sold. The price of the watch is also very beautiful, and it is also very suitable for sending friends.

Price: 100-200AUD

Purchase URL:https://barbasandzacari.com/


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This is a watch brand from Sydney, founded in 2009. Focus on retaining the most classic design of the watch. The dial without extra design is paired with a comfortable and beautiful leather strap. It seems not so eye-catching, but it is essential. The style is neutral, butBuy replacement strap separately, The official website provides many fresh colors to match different styles of clothes and moods, or as a couple watch. Going to work, going to school, and going out of the street are all essential,Very versatile.

Price: 149-269AUD

Purchase URL:https://www.thehorse.com.au/


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Stock was born in Melbourne and uses ultra-light materials to make the watch fully perform on the wrist. The same minimalist design, stock gives people the feeling that avant-garde is not quite satisfactory. From the official website style and photos taken by studio, it can be seen that this brand hides sharpness while being low-key. Very suitable for young people with attitude and accent. Abstinence and coldness. There are small dial styles suitable for girls.

Price: 200-300AUD

Purchase URL:http://stockwatches.com.au


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Christina Paul is a brand from Sydney, I believe everyone is familiar with it, you can see it in many watch shops in Australia. The marble-patterned dial is very popular, and many fashionistas on ins have worn it. Whether it's a concave shape or a pose, the super-high looks satisfy your vanity. The official website also sells beaded bracelets that can be worn together to enhance your fashion temperament.

Price: 200-250AUD

Purchase URL:https://www.christianpaul.com.au


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Such a trendy style of literature and art, I guess it belongs to Melbourne, and it is true. The introduction on the official website is also full of sincerity: We're not yet sure if this is a gift or a curse—but we do know it's all for your enjoyment. The workmanship and selection of AARK are also very attentive, in places where most people can’t notice. Kungfu keeps the watch beautiful while maintaining high quality. AARK hopes that the wearer can truly enjoy the happiness brought by the watch. The bold and bright colors and the ingenious design are suitable for young boys and girls who have ideas and love independent style.

Price: 139-379AUD

Purchase URL:https://aarkcollective.com


640-42 640-43 640-44Simple Watch attaches great importance to the practicability of the watch, keeping the precise scales on the dial while pursuing beauty and design. The distinctive design becomes the brand logo. It is a very design, but also a very versatile watch. Whether it is basic clothes or fashion clothes, they are very coordinated, and they can also play a finishing touch and make people shine. Some watches are of the same style, with dials of different sizes, which are very suitable as couple watches.

Price: 177-299AUD

Purchase URL:https://simplewatch.co


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Deon Dane is a watch brand from Perth. It uses recyclable kangaroo leather material, which is more environmentally friendly. Although it is a Pez brand, it is shipped from Sydney. Deon Dane’s founding philosophy is to create a minimalist design watch that can be worn daily and can be matched with any style of clothing. Affordable prices make fashion more accessible. The lack of scale on the dial may deduct points in terms of practicality, but now many people wear watches only for visual coordination, making the overall look more beautiful. Is such a beautiful dial and such a lovely price really uninteresting?

Price: 150AUD

Purchase URL:http://deondane.com/

THE 5th

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The 5th is a very interesting brand, designers go to different journeys to find inspiration, so there is a city series. Among them is the Melbourne series, which integrates the designer's impression of Melbourne and the perception of Melbourne life. I wonder if it can resonate with you? I personally think that the classic and simple dial with the brown leather strap really fits the image of Melbourne in my heart-retro, literary. Reminds me of the tram in the city center, the station in Flinder. The Tokyo series is very in line with Asian aesthetics, which makes me suspect that the designer is from Japan. Picture 1 is the new Tokyo series, exquisite, small and fresh.

Price: 130-200AUD

Purchase URL:http://www.the5th.co


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Rebelde is a very well-known and classic watch brand in Australia, with fewer styles, focusing on keeping the classic style of their watches. The mature and low-key design is suitable for men with successful careers. It shows the charm of men who are steady, restrained and confident. Suitable for dads. The high price of course also represents the exquisite craftsmanship. The founder Nicholas Hacko is a watch craftsman who has dedicated his life to watches and has been trained in watch repair since he was a child. The watch he created contains the spirit of craftsmanship, and every part contains his wisdom. Orders can be accepted on the official website before purchase, and the online inventory is very small.

Price: 2000-3000AUD

Purchase URL:http://www.rebelde.com.au


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The founding philosophy of Haigh and Hastings is to pursue dreams. Many people dream and fantasize in bed at night, but when they open their eyes the next day, all the fantasies are disillusioned, and they still live a static life numb. Haigh and Hastings hope that people will be brave to chase dreams, challenge, and take risks just like the founders. Sporty watches accompany the wearers to ride the wind and waves. Haigh and Hastings promotes a spirit of adventure and fearlessness in Australia. Suitable for people who have the same spirit of not admitting defeat.

Price: 500-1000AUD

Purchase URL:https://www.haighandhastingswatches.com


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