Death hunting series: Under the high temperature of 45 degrees, Australian men sat naked on the toolbox exposed to the sun. This challenge is very ecstasy...

Release your eyes, put on headphones, and listen~!

"Chinatown" media of Chinese Australians

Remember the "Ice Bucket Challenge" that once swept the world?


Whether it’s to show off your abs


Is really for charity


In short, that summer, have a good time!

However, in this summer, it is not so cool! Because, in NSW, Australia, construction workers who were "boring to death" launched a game like this:Hot Toolbox Challenge!


It's like this...

There are two men named Cousins ​​Clinton and Efan DeGoumois who live in Tibooburra, 1200 kilometers northwest of Sydney.

That day,The local temperature soared to 45 degrees Celsius,

According to the legend, a little bit of cumin can be used for barbecue. . .

Two men accidentally discovered that

A metal case toolbox exposed to the sun,

It seems you can cook your hands. . .

So, with an idea, I came up with this game. . .

Take off your pants, "Hop!" Sitting directly on this metal toolbox that has been roasted by the sun for a day, even if the challenge is successful after two seconds, three people will be named to continue the challenge. . .

Currently, the challenges are as follows. . .

This is the first man.

The man happily stood on the car with the toolbox,

Prepare to take off your pants. . .


1,2,3 ,The warrior sits down!


The expression is very ecstasy. . .


It is said that the younger brother persisted for about 1.5 seconds,

Alas, the challenge almost succeeded. .


Dangdang Dangdang!

The second warrior is here!


Still taking off the pants equally happy,

Take a deep breath. . .

Witness the moment of miracle!


Sit down,

The little brother also has a difficult turning action!


Bounce and fall!

This is a real warrior. . .


Let's review this wonderful moment again. . .


For this,Chinese and foreign netizensSo...

User A:

In such hot weather, the toolbox can not only fry eggs, but also another kind of eggs...


User B:

Only unique to Tuao


User C:

These are some animated pictures with sound, as if they heard the sound of barbecue. Although it is estimated that these Australian men are not dead, I want to say rip to them...

Netizen Ding:

After reading, I just want to feel bad about the toolbox...

Finally, you can just take a look, this game, don't participate.

ps. We like to eat barbecue, but it does not mean that we have to become barbecue...

News compiled from "Daily Mail"


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