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Summer in Australia makes people love and hate. At this time of the year, there are always large numbers of Australians rushing to the major beaches to surf:


Bask in the sun:

However, behind the joy is hidden danger...

Many people are injured by sharks every year,

Sometimes pets are not immune.

According to "9news" reports, at 8:30 am last Saturday, on the famous beach near St. Kilda-Elwood Beach, many surfers have already started a day of sports.

One of the boys was having fun and suddenly saw a dark shadow!

Take a closer look, it turned out to be a shark!

In horror, he didn't hesitate to... pick up the phone...

He immediately sent an emergency signal to other people on the sea, asking everyone to hurry back to the shore!

In fact, as early as a few days ago (last Monday), on the nearby St. Kilda beach, some people spotted sharks!

When the shark was spotted, many people had already gone swimming in the sea, which immediately caused a sensation.

Relevant departments urgently evacuated all people at sea and temporarily closed St. Kilda Beach, urging everyone not to enter the water in the near future.

However, when the news came out, friends in Melbourne seemed to disagree. After reading the comments of netizens, they felt that their hearts seemed quite big...


"Again, this is their ocean, I want to swim to the pool!"

"Otherwise, where do you want to see sharks? In a nightclub??"

"This is a joke! Can you find other news papers? Give the sharks a peace."

"Whose pet looks like"

"You stupid comments, people who say nothing is just a shark and don’t report it, shut up. They just want to let you know that there is a shark in St. Kilda, so please think twice before giving children a swim, and don’t let them swim deep. Place. Go find other things to criticize"


News compiled from "9 News" 


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