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2017-2018 The latest QS World University Rankings on March 3Freshly baked!!!

Australia has 6 universities in the top 100

  • National university – Rank 22
  • University of Melbourne – Rank 42
  • University of Sydney – Rank 46
  • University of New South Wales – Rank 49
  • Queensland university – Rank 51
  • Monash University – Rank 65
According to the rankings, six of Australia's eight largest have entered the world's top 100!

Australia has eight majors, of which there areSix universitiesBreak into the top 100 in the world! The other two institutes followed closely behind,

  • University of Western Australia-Ranked 102
  • University of Adelaide-Ranked 125
University of Sydney ranks first in the world!That's right,World number one!

In various subject rankings, the University of Sydney has3 majors (Nurses, anatomy and physiology, physical education subjects) Ranked among the top 10 in the world.Be the first in sports subjects! There are 31 majors among the top 50, including architecture, accounting, medicine, nursing and law.Fully developed!Not only that, but the chance of employment is also ranked in the world第 4!

University of MelbourneOnmedical professionHave outstanding performance,employment rateIt is next to the University of Sydney, ranking first11 people.

The subjects you care about most: accounting, medicine, architecture and nursing are among the best!

Australian universities inAccounting majorSurprisingly, the University of New South Wales, the University of Melbourne, the University of Sydney and the Australian National University are all rankedTop 25 in the world!

The comprehensive ranking of Australian universities is not included in the top ten in the world, but it is still in the top 50!

Overall ranking top 10

U.S. universities account for a large portion of the rankings, and they have lived up to their expectations. (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Stanford University, Harvard University, Philadelphia University of Technology and University of Chicago), followed by the United Kingdom (Cambridge University, Oxford University, University of London, Imperial College)

Although the Australian National University's comprehensive ranking is Australia's first, it has dropped 2015 places from the 2016th ranking in 19/3.

The University of Melbourne, the University of Sydney and the University of New South Wales are all in the top 50!

So, what surprises have Australian universities brought to us in subject rankings?

Physical education subjects Sports related subject

Surprise! ! !The University of Sydney ranked first!!! 

Even the school was excited to announce the good news for the first time!

Physical education subjects , Refers to medical research related to health science, consisting of physical therapy, exercise therapy, and rehabilitation. At the University of Sydney, this type of research belongs to the Department of Health Sciences.

Accounting Finance Accounting and Finance

Going to Xinnan to study accounting really deserves its reputation

But look at other universities in Australia are also striving for the top.

Or come to Australia if you want to change to accounting?


Medical science Life Science and Medicine

The University of Melbourne, which honors medicine, also has very good results in the rankings.

The University of Sydney is also surprisingly ranked in the top 20~

Nursing profession Nursing

see it?UTS is awesome! Unusual progress! Nursing professional rankingfourth!

And our University of Sydney, honored to be in the top ten!

Anatomy and Physiology Anatomy & Physiology
The University of Sydney is among the best in anatomy and physiology, closely followed by the National University.

law Law

The University of Sydney, the University of New South Wales and the National University all rush forward!

Architecture Architecture/Built Environment

It is our University of Sydney that once again appeared at the top of the list.


what isQS ranking?


The QS World University Rankings (QS World University Rankings) is an annual world university ranking published by the educational organization Quacquarelli Symonds. The main reason for its reliability is that this ranking measures world universities based on 6 specific indexes. It is the second longest global university ranking in history.

6 indices

Information and data will measure university rankings from six specific indexes, and their proportions are different.

40% of peer reviews in the academic field

Global employer evaluation accounted for 10%

20% of the citations of the faculty’s paper

Teacher/student ratio is 20%

International students account for 5%

International teachers account for 5%

Q: Are Australia's highly ranked universities difficult to enter?
A: Not difficult! No matter where the college entrance examination is, the score is not enough? no problem!

method one: Take the preparatory course, learn the basic English of the course you want to take, and pass the preparatory exam to go to a highly ranked university, such as the University of Sydney.Method two:You can study other majors related to the major you want to choose in a high-ranking university. You can transfer your major within the school after a semester, but you should also study and re-study majors. There are also grade requirements for transferring majors!

Q: Is it better to go to a university with a high overall ranking or a high professional ranking?
A: If you want to teach in a school with good overall quality (various subjects, school environment, teacher quality), you can choose a university with a high overall ranking; however, if you want to score in academic research, then Universities with high subject rankings are best for you.

Q: When looking for a job in Australia, will employers value school rankings?
A: Australian employers don't pay too much attention to school rankings. What they care about is your professional performance. Therefore, no matter which school you are in, your major will be High Distinction (HD), employers will appreciate you very much.

Q: Are schools with lower rankings bad?
A: There are so many countries in the world, each country has so many universities, competing with so many promising universities, Australian universities are already moving forward! What's more, some majors also have Australian universities that are not in the top 5, breaking into the top XNUMX in the world! Therefore, universities with lower rankings do not mean that they are poor.

I have a hunchA large wave of international students is about to enter Tuao. Do you have a favorite university?


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