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Even if the kangaroo mother is dead, the good-hearted people on the roadside must rescue the baby in her bag. The Australian people will always have the kindness to the animals that touches us.

A few days ago, a couple in Brisbane saw a kangaroo that had been bruised on the road, so they stopped to check. However, the kangaroo was hit too badly and was dead.

However, they did not give up, butChecked the kangaroo's pouch, and found a little kangaroo in it!

So the man immediately took out the little kangaroo

The baby kangaroo, which was just born, is only as big as a palm.

The little kangaroo that was taken out was still alive and kicking, so the couple immediately sent it to the veterinary hospital for help. Next, the little kangaroo will grow up in the Wildlife Conservation Center.

The couple said that they like wild animals very much, so they will pay special attention when driving. If they encounter an injured animal, they will check it out.This is not the first time they have rescued animals.Just 6 months ago, they used the same method to rescue a little kangaroo.

Although this little baby was orphaned at birth, thanks to such kind people, it can grow up with other kangaroos in the rescue center, so that it will not be left alone.

In the Wildlife Rescue Center, there are indeed many wallabies who share their fate.

I believe everyone has the same experience, that is, once the car drives into the suburbs, many dead kangaroos will appear on the roadside.

The Victorian Road Department has also counted the road sections where kangaroos are hit frequently. Look at these small green dots. Under each dot, there are many kangaroos’ evil spirits. Of course, it’s not just kangaroos. If the speed is too high, driving Staff and passengers will also be injured.

One of the more popular Great Ocean Road is also full of green dots. I would like to remind everyone that you should be careful when you go to the Great Ocean Road recently! The recent high temperature and no rain is when the kangaroos ran out to find water. At this time, there will be more kangaroos active on the road.

So, if you really hit a kangaroo,

What should I do?

The first and most important thing is to confirm the safety of yourself and the car! Only when you ensure your own safety can you help others.

After confirming safety, go and putwarning sign, Three meters away from your car, if it is a curve, it is best to put a few more.

Then, it's time to save the animals! First open the eyelids of the kangaroo,If the pupils dilate and do not respond to light, it means that they have died.

At this time, check the kangaroo’s pouch to see if there is any baby kangaroo in it, because the kangaroo mother’s pouch has almost no window period, but if no one cares about these kangaroo orphans, they will die.

If you are inconvenient to send the wallaby to the veterinary hospital or animal rescue center,You can call the rescuers!

WIldlife Victoria: 1300 094535  

Wildlife Rescuers: 0417506 941

RSPCA: 0392242222

Now that we are in Australia, we should also learn from the Australian spirit! The editor hereby appeals to everyone, if you encounter injured wild animals, please be sure to extend your helping hand to pass on the Australian spirit!

News compiled from "Daily Mail"


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