All kinds of unhealthy fast food in Australia's 25 fast food restaurants are ranked! So many of them are what we often eat...

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PoopThe Czech and delicious fast food is loved by many people. Many office workers even use it for lunch. But do you know how unhealthy fast food is?

A few days ago, researchers from all over Australia including Oporto, Guzman y Gomez, Grill'd, Crust, Coffee Club, Sumo Salad, etc.25 fast food chainsFor these fast food restaurantsBurgers, salads, sandwiches, burritos, pizzaEtc total229The calories contained in a very popular snack and fast food, and the exercise time required to consume these calories were investigated.

turn out:


You know, the snacks in the survey are all in one or one serving. That is to say, the calories of a burrito or a hamburger are as high as 3000kJ. As long as you eat 2-3 snacks, it exceeds your daily amount. There are only two options for the calories you need:Either wait for it to become fat, or exercise more to consume it.

So how long does it take to exercise to consume these foods?

As the calorie champion on the list- Zambrero's Nachos Pork and Garlic SauceFor example, the calories in this bowl of saladUp to 5005kJ, To burn so many calories, you need步行4小时8分钟、或跑步1小时48分钟、或骑自行车2小时25分钟才行!

It takes 4 hours to walk to consume just one bowl, which is a bit expensive!

 So, what about the calories of other fast foods?

Answer: It's just the difference between higher and higher!

such as:

A serving of Guzman y Gomez Enchilada Burritos Spicy Chicken Guerrero contains 4760kJ of calories, which requires walking for 3 hours and 56 minutes, or running for 1 hour and 43 minutes, or cycling for 2 hours and 18 minutes.

Red Rooster’s Bacon and Cheese Rippa contains 3580kJ of calories, which requires walking for 2 hours and 57 minutes or cycling for 1 hour and 43 minutes to consume;

Coffee Club的Steak Sandwich所含的热量为3439kJ,需要步行3小时9分钟、或跑步1小时23分钟才能消耗;

Grill'd’s The Mighty Melbourne Beef Burger requires 2 hours and 41 minutes of walking to consume, and Coffee Club’s BBQ Pulled Burger contains 3797kJ of calories, which requires 3 hours and 8 minutes of walking to consume. The highest calorie content of all burgers is Hungry Jack The Ultimate Double whopper contains 3933kJ of calories, which requires walking for nearly 4 hours to consume;

The so-called "healthy salad" is actually not healthy. For example, Sumo Salad's Ancient Grain Peanut Orange Small requires 1 hour of running to consume, while Jamaica Blue Coconut Mango Salad requires 2 hours and 59 minutes of walking or 1 hour and 18 minutes of running to consume. .

Crust, Dominos, Pizza Hut and Pizza Capers’ pizzaThe heat is below 1300kJBut this is only 100g, which is the calories of a slice of pizza. Even if it is just this slice of pizza, you have to walk for 70 minutes to consume it.

However, Australians spend an average of only 30 minutes of exercise a day, and they can’t even consume the calories of a piece of pizza, let alone those foods with calories as high as several thousand joules, and the consequence is the rising number on the scale...

Therefore, the researchers remind everyone,When conditions permit, try not to eat these fast foods every day. If you must eat them, try to choose low-calorie ones.

 Tips for healthy eating:

  • Try to choose small portions rather than large portions;
  • According to the law, most fast food restaurants must list the calories contained in the food on the menu. Adults need about 8700kJ of calories per day, so each meal eats 1500-2000kJ of food, plus 600kJ of snacks or snack foods.
  • Even food with a calorie of 1500kJ requires 75 minutes of walking, 33 minutes of running, or 45 minutes of cycling to consume;
  • Sauces and cheeses will add extra calories. High-fat or fried meats are generally high in calories;
  • Try to choose foods with more vegetables. In addition, between drinks and water, choose the latter.

Various fast food calorie content and required exercise time:

Burgers with lower calories:

Burgers with higher calories:

Pizza with lower calories:

Pizza with higher calories:

Salads with lower calories:

Salads with higher calories:

Mexican foods with lower calories:

Mexican foods with higher calories:

Burritos & sandwiches with lower calories:

High-calorie wraps & sandwiches:

Low-calorie snacks & snacks:

High-calorie snacks & snacks

Of course, if you have the conditions, it is best to do it at home. If you have no conditions, try to eat these fast foods as little as possible. Obesity not only affects your body, but also affects your health!

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