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Working hard every day in Australia, I finally get a good night's sleep on the weekend, but I have nothing to eat for ten hours. If I wake up to eat Brunch, which has both appearance and taste, life will be wonderful! Today, there are 5 small and beautiful brunches waiting for everyone to learn about the essence of Melbourne's brunch through them.

Industry Beans

62 Rose St, Fitzroy, VIC

This is a restaurant whose decoration style is well-loved by everyone, and almost everyone knows it on ins. Contrary to the winding path, the indoor and outdoor connections allow people sitting in the store to have a broad view.

Australians seem to be inseparable from avocado on the table, and the avocado smash of this store is the ultimate fruit of this special taste.

Thick Greek yogurt and densely chopped avocado are arbitrarily spread on the toast that has just been heated. One bite will probably make you forget what peanut butter is.

Top Paddock

658 Church Street, Richmond,Victoria

Although this shop is also an Internet celebrity, you generally don’t need to worry about going back in vain, because it is large enough, spacious indoors, and almost a circle of outdoor seating, so that people who go there just need to wait for a while during peak periods. You can enjoy brunch.

The reason for everyone to flock to is often the flowery ricotta pancakes full of girlish hearts. From a distance, it is almost a pot of color.

The concentrated large pink also made the diners feel the sweet call in advance one second before the mouth. If you are looking forward to a peach blossom luck, or are in love, don't tell me you are ready to miss it.

Tall Timber

60 Commercial Road,Prahran,Melbourne,Victoria

The clean and industrial furnishings and style of this shop have also become the first choice for young people in Melbourne to enjoy brunch.

The seemingly minimalist decoration does not blindly delete the complex and simplify it. There is always a small greenery in the right place.

The recommended dishes in this store are similar to the crushed avocado of industry beans. First of all, in the color matching, boldly use the rose red plum jam and the turquoise green of avocado to form a visual impact, so that the sleepy morning will wake up from the eyes.

It is personalized with special sausages, and in a beautiful display in itself, letting the fragrance dominate, it must be said that it is a small surprise for carnivores.

Fifty Acres

65 Bridge rd,Richmond,Melbourne,Victoria

This shop opened on the roadside with many restaurants, but it stood out from the crowd, and it became the place where people flocked to it.

Very ordinary environment, but always full of diners, I won’t tell you because there is a handsome waiter...

It's true that good looks is king, but innovation is also the competitiveness of this store.

The combination of half a soft-boiled egg and Scottish sausage, the owner gave a very realistic name: chorizo ​​scotch egg, and then put it like a flower, exquisite and attentive.

This new dish is also highly recommended by the store. Italian cheese with chocolate sauce sounds a bit greasy, but putting it in your mouth with the fruits placed around it is another experience. A few mouthfuls, full The calories can replenish most of the energy.

Hammer&Tong 412

Rear412 Brunswick St,Fitzroy

Speaking of this restaurant, it’s hard to skip its soft-shell crab burger. The whole soft-shell crab is sandwiched in bread at just the right temperature, so big that its feet and tongs are exposed. Such burgers pay attention to plenty of oil and water. This soft-shell crab burger will not have a dry taste after a bite. On the contrary, it has overflowing juices. This is the rare feature of this meal.

And if you like to eat something soupy in the morning, then this bowl of assorted ramen is also very suitable for you, from vegetables to mushrooms to chicken and eggs, all covered in this bowl of seemingly clear soup and watery ramen Although it is not the main dish of the restaurant, it is also a category that many customers are willing to try.

Such a brunch restaurant that contains Chinese and Western dishes to satisfy everyone's different stomachs is hard to say no!

It’s hard to imagine that these brunches with exquisite looks and better taste can’t satisfy you~

It is precisely where brunch is. Unlike breakfast, lunch and dinner, which is just a daily need, with a certain degree of spontaneity, it also provides you and your family and friends with a moment to share together!

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