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After waiting for a long time, it finally ushered in a refreshing autumn~ As the saying goes, it is time to eat, let us wave a small flag together and move on to the meat!

Shimbashi Yakiniku

No time limit top barbecue buffet feast 90mins ordering time, unlimited dining time!

At a glance, I was attracted by the oily flowers distributed like snowflakes, and I could tell at a glance that its meat quality is completely incomparable with what I usually eat. During the barbecue, the oil flower gradually made a "boom" sound when it met the fire, and it began to turn into soup. The meat gradually became firmer, and the moisture was tightly packed inside. When you bite, the gravy bursts in your mouth, and the meat is elastic. This is the perfect experience that Wagyu can give!

There are also all kinds of meat, dishes, and desserts to eat, which is really good value for money!

Address: 282 Lygon St., Carlton, VIC 3053

BBQ Brothers 10

My friends and I jumped for joy as soon as this oversized baking pan was on the table! This amount is too big! Four lamb chops. A huge tiger prawn, a plump scallop, chicken breast and a piece of tenderloin, the best choice for meat lovers! ! !

As the highlight of the whole barbecue, four lamb chops are definitely the best taste. The whole piece of lean meat does not mean that the quality of lamb meat is good. Really good lamb meat, whether it is thigh, breast or steak, should have a complex layer of fat and muscle. This kind of mutton will have the feeling of being fat and thin like the underside of pig five flowers. After roasting, put such a piece of meat in your mouth, and the smooth juice fills the whole mouth, instead of pure dry wood like lean meat.

Address: 589 Elizabeth Street Melbourne,VIC 3000

Meatball & Wine Bar

There is no doubt that it is a meatball expert in Melbourne. TV and film producer Matteo Bruno opened the first bar in the city in 2012 to the next three bars. You can choose pork, beef, chicken, fish or vegetable meatballs. The sauces include Italian tomato, white cream and green sauce. It can also be served with dishes such as Italian beans, creamy cornmeal, mashed potatoes, homemade pasta or vegetables.

Address: 135 Flinders Lane, Melbourne


In Florentine, pork belly is a more interesting blend. The pork belly cooked in French sous-vide cooking is paired with Asian grilled Nash pears, Canadian scallops and American smoked barbecue sauce. It is really charming! Next door to Florentine is the Dendy Cinema, on Church Street, making it an excellent date place-dinner and movie night!

Address: 150 Pascoe Vale Rd Moonee Ponds VIC 3039

Tivoli Road Bakery

Michael James is famous for his excellent sourdough bread, so of course he has attracted many fans here. The tempting golden sausage rolls, wrapped in pork dumplings and fennel seeds, each bite is sweet.

Address: 3 Tivoli Rd South Yarra, VIC 03141


Here are the best steaks in Melbourne and I recommend the unique Ribs Platter.

Three ribsEach has its own characteristics and complements each other. The beef ribs and pork ribs are first cooked with a secret BBQ sauce over a slow fire until they are delicious, and then grilled over a high fire to finish, so as to ensure that they can be tender on the outside and on the inside. The lamb ribs use different cooking methods, perhaps in order to remove the taint while extracting the aroma, using a marinade made with spices, lemon and mustard and other materials to cook slowly. However, no matter which way it is used, every inch of meat is grilled very tasty, and the meat quality is well controlled.Full taste without losing elasticity and chewiness. After a bite, the mouth is full of meat and sauce. It is not too satisfying. If you add the secret pepper sauce, it will not be a problem to kill a whole plate by yourself.

Address: 3 FreshwaterPlace Queensbridge Square

Queensbridge Street, Southbank

301 Restaurant

Glen Waverley’s 301 is a paradise for carnivores, where there are excellent steaks in Melbourne.The chef of this shop is very picky about the choice of beef and only chooses premium Australian beef ingredients. The rare Australian Wagyu and Kobe beef are the simple standards of this shop.Carnivores can never say no! Must remember to locate.

Address: 301 Springvale Rd, Glen Waverley VIC 3150


Meatmother’s large slow-cooked barbecue is very famous. The store uses oak to bake crisp American ribs every day, and they are sold out. The grilled ribs are very popular among discerning diners, and we recommend shredded pork or smoked beef brisket. . You can choose several types of meats, baked snacks, Texas toast, and accompany with Meatmother's own okra and cauliflower. You can also try the famous cheese and bacon-flavored cocktails that are meaty. Wine is of course indispensable in an authentic Southern American style restaurant. During the break, have a glass of whiskey and enjoy this wonderful meal time. The style of the store is decorated with meat as inspiration, which is very special.

Address: 167 Swan St Richmond, VIC 3121


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