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The beauty of Melbourne this morning is blown up! Just look up, it's either a morning glow or a rainbow! !

The morning glow and rainbow this morning are very spectacular, but the stay is very short! ! From 7:00 to 8:00 in the morning, there was just over an hour, and these beautiful scenery can only be seen by early risers! !

Do people who haven't seen it feel a little regretful? It's okay, we have collected a lot of beautiful pictures on social platforms for everyone to enjoy!

 Take a lookAll kinds of sunrise this morning 

In all regions

As the sky gradually brightens

The color of the morning glow is also different

Let's look at some super beautiful morning glow

The morning glow by the sea is very spectacular


In addition to the morning glow, because of the rain this morning, there is another highlight:

Various rainbows 


After seeing such a beautiful scenery, I really sigh the beauty of nature!

The morning glow this morning is not a view every day, you can earn it if you see it!

Then I saw such a beautiful view,Have you shared it with your friends?


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