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According to a report from "The Age", relevant experts in Melbourne recently reminded everyone:

Sharks have recently been spotted near St Kilda and Brighton Beach in Melbourne, and the beaches of Port Phillip! And it was discovered many times in a few days,The nearest offshore is less than tens of meters!

Affected by a large number of sharks:

St Kilda even spotted the shark on Monday afternoonClose the beach directlyTo avoid accidents!

In the news screenshot below, the shooting location is by the St kilda beach. There are sharks wandering in the depths of the water just below people's knees!

And on the beach next to Brighton Beach, you can see someone snorkeling in an area that is not very deep, and there is a shark swimming by the person.

The relevant department stated:

Swimmers should IMMEDIATELY leave the Water!

Swimmers should stay away from this water immediately!

The lifeguard also stated:

Lifesavers warn sharks active late in the day!

Sharks will be very active later in the day!

For sharks, the warmer the weather, the more they will appear near various beaches!

And the weather in Melbourne in these two weeksHas been kept at 20 degrees, Which also indicatesSharks will continue to appear on various beachesPlease pay attention ⚠️Avoid swimming in the sea in the near future!

Relevant experts remind ⚠️

"Most sharks in Australian watersNormally, there is no desire to attack people, but itOnce we get angry, the consequences will be disastrous! ”

"Shark rightBloody smell is particularly sensitive, If you accidentally cut your arm by the reef while entering the water, the consequences will be very serious! "

Show you some"Very slight"Pictures of being bitten by sharks! Some very bloody ones will not be released!

There are a lot of sharks in various waters of Australia, and there are also aggressive man-eating sharks, but it is rare that they will swim so close to the beaches like this!

So, for the safety of everyone, please don't go to the beach in the near future, and wait until the temperature drops and it is safe to go! In addition, when you go to the beach, please pay attention to whether there are shark warning signs on the shore! We must take our own safety first!

News compiled from "The Age" 


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