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NearDay, Melbourne’s public welfare projects were based onMore than 1300 reports of sexual harassment, I summarized the most feared places in CBD for women. These places are frequent areas of sexual harassment. After dark, female friends should avoid going to these places alone.

First of all, the top of the list is the one we are most familiar with Flinders Station

As a landmark building in Melbourne, Flinders Station has received the most reports of sexual harassment due to excessive traffic and relatively insufficient security. Friends who commute at night, please pay attention!

Except for the Flinders Railway Station, the dangerous place next to it is Bourke Street.

It seems that the luxurious downtown area cannot be underestimated.

In addition, the one connected to Bourke Street Elizabeth Street Also honored on the list.

Where Flinders Station is located Flinders Street Naturally it will not be missed.

The editor once walked this street at night, the street lights were not dense enough, and there were many drug addicts and drunk people living under the railroad tracks, which was really scary

Looking at the comments, you can also find that the residents of Melbourne are somewhat afraid of this street

"Never go to Flinders st between Spencer and Elizabeth Street after dark"

"Don't go to Flinders st at the end of Elizabeth and Swanston st after two o'clock in the morning. There are bad guys, drunks, and tramps."

Of course, in addition to unsafe places, there are also places whereMake women feel very safe.

Interestingly, Federation Square, which is at the top of the list, is only one road away from Flinders Station, which is the least secure.

It can be seen that compared to closed exit stations, open open-air venues are the best way to go at night.

In addition,The State Library and the University of Melbourne have also been rated as the safest places.

(Library at night)

(Moda at night)

It is also true that the library and Mo University at night have a quiet and peaceful temperament.

This list of dangerous places is counted by Melbourne's public welfare project Free To Go. This project has created an interactive map where every person who has been sexually harassed can mark the location of the harassment to warn other women.

can be seen,Near flinders train stationThe number of sexual harassment has been heinous. Red crying faces are densely packed!

At present, the organization has reported the statistical results to the Melbourne official, and the relevant departments will strengthen the security of these areas based on the statistical situation.

However, it is better to ask for yourself than for yourself. Here is also a simple self-defense move:

I hope that girls can get in touch with these simple self-defense tactics. Although Women's Day has passed, as women, we should never stop caring and protecting ourselves!

News compiled from "Herald Sun, news.com.au"


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