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Just a few days ago, just took officeThe Governor of Western Australia gave a word,And wrote to Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull asking him to remove Perth from the immigration list of remote areas!

Later, the official website of the Western Australian Government showed thatState guarantees from the Western Australian GovernmentAnd the Western Australian Skilled Migration Skills List (WASMOL) is under review and discussion.At this stage, the government will not issue any new invitations.

After less than half a month’s discussion, the Western Australian Government announced the day before yesterdayThe latest immigration policy,In the governor’s campaign promise, he said that after he takes office, he willImmediately request the federal government to remove Perth from the immigration list of remote areas!

In the policy announced the day before yesterday,Perth has really been removed from the guarantee list for remote areas!

According to the latest list of remote areas in Western Australia, only Gascoyne, Great Southern, Kimberley, Mid West, Peel, Pilbara, South West, and Wheatbelt are considered remote areas!

Then let's take a look at how remote these areas are!

The first is Gascoyne, which is 1075 kilometers away from the capital city of Western Australia.12 hours.

Although Great Southern is relatively close to Perth, it takes at least 4 hours and 40 minutes by car!

Kimberley is further away from Perth, just beside the Northern Territory,The permanent population of the whole place was only 2011 in 3.4.Among them, 40% live by indigenous people!

The economy of the Mid West region is dominated by agriculture and mining. It is relatively close to Perth. The nearest major city is 4 and a half hours away from Perth.

Peel should be the remote area closest to Perth!

Pilbara is completely a mining town!

There are also Perth's Southwest and Wheatbelt areas!

It is worth noting that the Wheatbelt area is not far from Perth city centre!

Therefore, those who wish to apply for immigration to remote areas can take Wheatbelt into consideration~

However, in addition to this, in previous reports, the Western Australian government also stated that they wouldA comprehensive review of 168 occupations!Which includesInvestigate occupations such as bricklayers, electricians, nurses, engineers, accountants, surveyors and teachers!

In the list of immigrants in remote areas announced the day before yesterday, the Western Australian government announced the latest state government occupation list, cutting down nearly 140 occupations to the rest.21 occupations,And it has been officially implemented since the day before yesterday!

The final list will be officially announced at the end of May 2017.

Applicants who submitted their applications before March 2017, 3 will be processed in accordance with the previous regulations!

Although the gate of Western Australia is temporarily closed, the editor wants to secretly tell everyone that according to the current federal immigration policy, remote areas areExcept for the major urban centers of Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sydney, Melbourne, Newcastle and Wollongong.

Currently SouthAdelaide, the capital of Australia, Hobart, the capital of Tasmania, and Darwin, the capital of the Northern Territory, can still apply for immigration to remote areas!

Last month, in the latest 5-page state government immigration occupation list published by the Tasmanian government,It covers all kinds of occupations!

Even barber professions that have long been eliminated from the SOL immigration list can be immigrated!

The Northern Territory is also vigorously attracting immigrants!

And just as each state was fighting for immigration, the Australian Department of Immigration announced anew function,The progress of Australian visa and naturalization applications can be checked online in real time.Moreover, the Immigration Bureau will update and announce the progress of the trial every month.


Citizen application processing timetable

The waiting time for PR to Citizen is generally between 10-12 months.

In a word, PR is really getting harder and harder now. If the policy says it turns its face, it turns its face!

Instead of squeezing your scalp in NSW and Victoria and pooling the immigration points, you can also consider going to Tasmania, the Northern Territory or South Australia.


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